You can beat OTAs!

The popularity of sites like Expedia and Priceline, online travel agencies (OTAs) have become a somewhat unwelcome reality in the travel and hospitality industries. OTAs are more popular than ever: accounting for nearly 60 percent of online bookings for independent properties, and just under 50 percent for hotel chains. OTAs usually take a 20-30% chunk of commission from revenue made from each booking they process for your hotel.
It may seem like a challenge, but you wouldn’t believe how much revenue your hotel could gain back from the seemingly indestructible OTAs. Make your own bookings, and your own profit as a result.
Your hotel can:
– Increase your direct bookings by 20%
– Increase the number of visitors from OTAs staying and booking directly from 20% to at least 52%
– Increase the number of millennials bookings by 35%
– If you are an independent hotel increase your direct booking revenue by 45%
– Increase your same day bookings by at least 65%
– Keep the 20-30% of your hard earned profits instead of giving them to OTAs

– Update your website
– Make your website mobile friendly
– Create effective social media marketing campaigns
– Build customer loyalty & customer experience
– Reassure your customers
– Make the booking process easy

We have had experience working with several different hotels at mooch: both independent and part of a chain. What’s more, we’ve helped every single one of them achieve more direct bookings as a result, and helped them beat the OTAs! Get in touch to see how mooch can benefit your hotel.