WATCH OUT! Emerging tech for brands to keep an eye on!

We all know that brands have a lot of tools at their disposal, and designers can make work in many forms from posters to websites to experiences to technologies as well as much more.

What if brands could come up with creative solutions that take in to account ‘the future’? The future we are all entering, where everything around us, from the sidewalks walked on daily, to the cities we live in, and the hats on our heads, it can all be used as communication and engagement. The reality is that creative solutions are changing completely.

The best thing brands can do is to stay relevant in this time of change and realise that the designs they create fundamentally impacts everything, just like everything impacts their designs. By taking ‘the future’ into account when designing, their designs can become something relatable, and bespoke.

4 Technologies that brands should watch out for are:

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles are also known as ‘driverless cars’ that have the ability to navigate without relying on human input. Toyota has unveiled their Concept-I vehicle at CES this year, where drivers are made to feel as if they are playing a video game. If the driver want’s to just sit back and relax they can enter “Chauffer Mode”.

For brands the means of engagement with an audience has been limited to billboards, and exterior signage. With autonomous vehicles comes new means of engagement and interaction, as distraction becomes less of a concern for safety. This will allow brands and marketers to exploit the attention of those with driverless cars, and it will result in new means of engagement. The opportunities to explore creative ways to fill the time could include a suite of reading interfaces, augmented reality games, advertising experiences, and entertainment platforms, but these are just a few ideas.

2. Chat Bots

Chat bots are automated systems that allow customers to engage with a chat interface, which enables businesses to help respond to queries without any human assistance. They are normally built within messaging apps. Facebook Messenger already has more than 30,000 active chatbots built within it, and some of these are being used by retailers to help their customers with any queries or even allowing them to make purchases through these chat bots.

Brands have to communicate with clients on a daily basis and Chat Bots are going to change the way brands engage with clients. Once Chat Bots are embraced, they will become a leading method for quick communication, which will also allow brands to train Chat Bots to present their work to clients on their behalf in order to collect feedback from several clients at once. This could present a new set of challenges, and will increase the need for brands to learn to efficiently and effectively communicate their ideas.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is a record of transactions that take place digitally, which are tracked and organised by time-stamping each transaction, whilst categorising them in a linear, chronological order. As digital media develops and continues to expand, brands are going to find they are facing issues of privacy and ownership that hasn’t been experienced yet within the design industry. Blockchain can help brands “mark” what is deservedly theirs. If designers can grasp the power of blockchain technology, they can try to prevent a future where the ownership of all their digital portfolios and files are completely untraceable.

4. 3D Printing

3D printing also known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’, is an emerging technology that allows the printing of three-dimensional objects by layering materials that take the shape of a computer-generated rendering of an object. 3D printing is going to be a huge new form of communication. Traditional graphic designers work will no longer be two-dimensional, or just screen-based, there is going to be a growth in appreciation and nostalgia within the design industry for the creation of tactile artefacts.

Here at Mooch we will be keeping an eye on these emerging technologies because we know the impact they are going to have on the design industry. But we do know that these aren’t the only emerging technologies out there, so make sure to look out for more!