Your School Prospectus is more important than you may have thought, so make sure it represents your school appropriately and stands out from the crowd!

Prospectuses and school brochures are handed out at events and open days to give visitors an instant impression of your school. A school prospectus isn’t just filled with great content, there is a lot more to it. Establishing the content your school wants within the prospectus is the first step, but you need to choose a print style and finish to make it stand out from the crowd.

A school prospectus offers a broader view in to life at your school and it’s also something for prospective students to take home to have a better look at. The content you decide to include in your schools prospectus alongside the writing style can help to represent life at your school, and it can give parents and students an insight into what they can expect from their time with you.

When compiling content for your prospectus you should consider:
Photography can illustrate just how great your school is when done right. Including images of students working, taking part in extra curricular activities and their work, illustrate to parents the work ethic of the school but also to the prospective student that they can enjoy their time at school. We offer a photography service here at Mooch to help you get those perfect images to portray just how great your school is.
Great Content is essential for your prospectus as principally; it’s one big advert for your school. When you are creating the written content for your prospectus, make sure to consider the writing style you wish to embrace, and how much content is required. Remember you don’t want huge bulks of writing, as prospective students are likely to lose interest. Here at Mooch we can help you with writing your content and ensure the schools vision and values are delivered to both parents and prospective students.

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