SCHOOLS: A photo is worth 1000 words!

Pictures make a story stand out. They catch your eye and, like a great headline, can make a difference between someone choosing your school or going elsewhere. Our approach to schools photography is refreshingly different to most. Let us help you tell your school’s story!
We offer our schools choices and we are all about helping your school and not dictating it. We can offer advise on which images to choose to help rebrand your school, produce a prospectus, assist in marketing or implement a new website with exciting images.
Your school prospectus and website are vital components of your school’s marketing strategy, which provides an invaluable insight into everyday life at your school. Parents of prospective students and the students themselves are strongly influenced by what they see and read in your prospectus and online. It’s true when they say first impressions really do matter, so your visual content needs to make an impact. The importance of great school photography shouldn’t be underestimated. Your school needs to find the right balance between all the positives, such as working hard, playing hard and enjoying the learning experience within the context of your school.
We can help you:
• Capturing photos that tell your school’s story
• Get active shots – pupils playing sports, baking cakes
We can also centre your school’s photography on any of the following:
• Academic excellence and high achievement
• The learning environments and classrooms
• The quality and experience of the teaching staff
• The history, tradition and values of the school
• The facilities, equipment and infrastructure
• Sports, music, drama and extra curricular activities
• Friendships, identity and belonging
• Happiness, communication and support
So get in touch to find out about our experience in school photography and arrange a sit down with us and so we can help you identify the key areas that give your school its unique character and appeal. We can help your school stand out and be top of the class!