10 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Email marketing is still an effective way to reach prospective and existing customers, even with the rise of social media and texting. If you want your email to stand out in any inbox and not wind up in the trash, avoid making these 10 email-marketing mistakes.
1. Focusing only on promotion
Instead of using email marketing exclusively as a sales tool, you can use it as a medium to engage your customers and build customer loyalty.
2. Having a confusing, deceptive or boring subject line
The subject line is the first thing that we see in our email inbox and it is what makes people want to click on your email or not. That’s why it’s important to spend time creating a subject line that will really grab your readers’ attention.
3. Embedding your message in an image
Avoid putting all your text into images. If there is an issue and images don’t load for some reason, your text doesn’t either. So make sure you balance images with clear and concise text in the body of the email.
4. Having too much text.
To help ensure your message is read make sure you shorten your text to make your message more concise and include amazing photography to entice your reader. This will help you make a lasting impression once you’ve gained that initial email-opening click.
5. No Clear Call to Action
It’s not enough to just have a ‘Call to Action’ button, it has to be placed right too.
6. Not tracking results
Tracking results will allow you to see how a campaign is performance through open rates and click-through rates. But tracking results will allow show if your efforts are paying off.
7. Sending Out Emails Without Permission
This is a big NO. You should only send your mails to those on the OPT-in list.
8. Sending Out Emails Without An Unsubscribe Option
Always make sure you have a clear unsubscribe option in your mail, to make it as easy as possible for people to leave your list if they want. So, no hiding from it either! In the UK it’s illegal to send a mail without an unsubscribe option.
9. Ignoring Timing
Timing is one of the most important factors for achieving good open rates. The whole effort of creating the right content, for the right people, goes in vain if the timing is wrong.
10. Sending Out Mails Without Testing Them
We know you put a lot of effort in to creating email campaigns. But all these efforts are meaningless if you forget to test them.