10 Tips to get your E-Commerce Website Ready for Black Friday

How Your Business Can Capitalise on Black Friday…

23rd Nov – Save the date! Black Friday is growing ever bigger in the UK with £1.4bn spent last year on that one day alone. It’s now the busiest shopping day of the year which only means one thing – your e-commerce website needs to be well prepared and this is how…

  1. A Pre-Buzz is Key – Use countdown style posts on your social platforms and email marketing.
  2. Post Teasers – By doing this you’ll add to the buzz and get your customers excited to see what deals you’ve in store for them when the date comes.
  3. Add “Price Notification” call-to-actions – These will notify all customers that have signed up through email when a product’s price changed and it goes on sale.
  4. Use coupon codes – Customers will be expecting some kind of amazing deal, post these on your social platforms and on emails, make them easy to use and find.
  5. State that sales End at Midnight – This creates urgency and gives customers a deadline to send their orders in before the sale ends. You could add a countdown to your website’s homepage or on banners.
  6. Make sure images are optimised and compressed before upload – This ensures that images will load quickly so that customers aren’t waiting to view images of the product they may be interested in. Don’t let them leave the page due to the product image failing or taking too long to load.
  7. Make sure your customer service team are prepared – Respond fast to customer queries, issues and concerns. When customers see fast responses on your social media help pages they’re more likely to buy from you and it also helps to build good customer relationships and satisfaction.
  8. Keep track of stock – Make sure your stock system integrations are tested and ready for real time updates to prepare for high sale volumes.
  9. Your technical support team are key to a successful Black Friday event – They will need to ensure the website and backend systems are working as efficiently as possible as demand increases.
  10. Offer free shipping – Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can avoid having to pay high shipping costs.

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