Apple’s Newest Release: 77 New Emojis

Apple has released 77 new emojis on the new iOS12.1 alongside new apple products on the 30th October. With these new emojis came new hair options as well as animals such as a llama and swan. Bagels, a mango and a salt shaker are a few of the new food emojis and a lacrosse and frisbee sporting emoji. There were a few miscellaneous emojis such as a teddy bear, magnet and a ball of wool.

The New Emojis

Emojis are a great way of communicating without words. They can be used for a wide variety of meanings and the 157 (including skin tones and hair colours) new emojis is just adding to the already well-established emoji keyboard of 2,823 emojis. The variety Apple has provided is extensive. The company have now stated that there will be accessibility emojis being released in early 2019, therefore, meaning there certainly will be an emoji for almost anything! These accessibility emojis will include hearing aids, wheelchair and guide dog emojis.

The new hair colours available are one of the most prominent additions in the new release. Instead of just blonde, brown and black hair there are now options for ginger and grey hair for all skin tones alongside a curly hair and a new bald option. This variety is inclusive of most hair colours now (except for dyed pink hair). Even Jason – our Head of Studio – is now included with his grey hair and moustache. He therefore now has an emoji that fits his appearance perfectly which he’s very chuffed about!

We ran a survey, in the office with the team here at Mooch, of our favourite emojis from the new collection and here are the results:

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