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EasyJet “Look&Book” – The App To Help You Book Flights To The Dream Destination You Saw On Instagram

The Dream Destination Finder

Our app developers here at Mooch have always got their eye on new apps, trends and concepts. Have you heard about the cool app EasyJet have developed? You simply upload your screenshot of the photo you found online. The app will then tell you where it is and offer you a selection of flights that will get you there.

This unique concept is similar to some e-commerce apps such as ASOS. On the ASOS App you just upload a photo of an outfit you’ve seen like a celebrity wearing a jacket you love. ASOS will then show you a selection of items from it’s product range that are the same or similar. However, this Look&Book app by EasyJet works with Instagram due to the platform’s geotagging information – it does this by using image-recognition techniques to locate where the photo is located.

EasyJet’s “Look&Book” app is the first of its kind in the airline industry, we’re sure it’ll be extremely popular to those searching for the European location of the luxury escape they eyed up on Insta. It cleans up and smooths out the bridge between the consumer searching and booking process. With high levels of traffic expected, from an idea to an event, this app will enable the impulsive holiday booking market to boom when people are in need of their dream getaway.

Download it on the app store or google play.

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Predicted Design Trends for 2019

So what’s predicted for design world for 2019?

We’ve had a look, done a bit of research and found some design trends that have been predicted to increase in popularity throughout 2019. We did a survey around the office for Team Mooch’s favourite trends and you’ll see the results at the end of this blog post, keep reading…!

The development of 3D

3D is a massive part of the ever-growing design sector and this area is getting more and more realistic. Our in-house 3D & Motion Graphic Designer / Developer Paul is a pro at all things 3D and has created some marvellous pieces including Mooch’s very own Mooch Mobile, a highly detailed 3D mooch branded Jeep – we’re so proud of it we had it printed and hung it on the studio wall!

Functional, simple and reductionist logos we love!

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity these logos are minimal and basic but effective. They allow brands to evolve their personality throughout growth without having to change the logo – making great impact and brand recognition.

Bold Typography that makes a strong impact

Typography transitions through many phases from curly calligraphy with a more handwritten style to hard and strong fonts that create a real focal point for the viewer to focus on. This year it’s predicted that big, bold, and ballsy typography is going to make a massive hit amongst the design industry. We’ve noticed a large number of fashion brands such as YSL, Tom Ford and Missguided have used this style in their branding, websites and campaigns.

Isometric design

3D design in 2D? That’s definitely a thing and we’re loving, especially the idea of Isometric Typography. This super edgy design trend can be used for a variety of different applications including floor plans for buildings, games, as well as nifty graphics that can be used anywhere!

Duo-tones are making a comeback

This stunning trend incorporates wild personality and contrasts to add oomph to anything. The colours can make a real impact and allow brands to stand out from the crowd. They really do draw attention to a campaign and we’ve noticed Spotify are currently using duo-tone. We’re excited to see what colour combinations are messed with this year.

Responsive logos that are universal

The idea that different logos varying in detail represent the same brand has been around for year. However, with the rise in mobile browsing, the importance of responsiveness is rising. Brands require their website to be compatible both on desktop and mobile devices. Brands have developed and refreshed their logos into more simplified versions which develop and gradually get more and more basic. The new styled versions for some of the worlds biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Chanel are still immensely recognisable. We’re sure to see more and more brands transition to the responsive logo stage throughout 2019.

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So now for the results of the survey we ran at Mooch HQ. The top trend that the team love is responsive logos.

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Merry Christmas… and a Happy New Year from everyone at Mooch!

So…the office is decorated, secret Santa has visited and there are presents under the tree, our bellies are full of chocolate, the pub is calling and our party is planned.

Christmas has hit Mooch HQ hard and we’re not complaining about it!

We’re closing for Christmas and will all be out of office from the 21st of December to the 3rd of January. Hoooooooray!


Keep an eye out on our socials for some juicy pics of the Mooch Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas from the team xxxxx

TV Shows and Mobile Apps – A Marketing Match Made in… The Jungle?

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The notorious show was back on our screens for the 18th series, and as with any TV show, the Mooch team kept a close eye on sponsorship, branding and marketing opportunities! The I’m a Celebrity app caught our eye this year and got us thinking about how apps are used alongside TV shows to promote the production, gather immediate viewer feedback and enhance viewing experiences.

The I’m a Celebrity App has astonishingly ranked #1 on the Appstore and Google Play for TV Show Apps, with over 400 million interactions. This app gives viewers of the well-known show the chance to vote for free and decide who they would like to see tackle the infamous bushtucker trials. People can also see more details about the celebrities and their backgrounds, as well as view the latest news and exclusive previews from around the campfire.

This app allows viewers to feel involved in the show, enhancing the viewing experience for fans using a separate digital platform. Extending TV shows to mobile devices is a great way to increase engagement and broadcast reach, as many people use mobile phones whilst sitting down to watch TV. Outside of show times, mobile apps like this one can be used to remind users of new episodes, voting deadlines and share unique behind the scenes content. 

On the I’m a Celebrity app, users can also play games, vote on polls, rate the celebrities and answer trivia questions, where users will rank on the app leaderboard, encouraging competitiveness amongst fans and retaining users attention for longer. There is also an e-commerce section within the I’m a Celebrity app where users can purchase merchandise, including branded mugs, bottles and personalisable t-shirts – another great marketing opportunity and a perfect time for Christmas present purchases!

With a £70,000 prize up for grabs and a chance to win a holiday to Australia, it’s clear to see why so many people popped onto the app store to get involved. The app also has take-over advertising features, which triggers ads during the advertisement breaks. Aside from being a fun way for fans of the jungle to get involved, the app extended the viewing experience for audiences so that they could use any time, anywhere.

Aside from in-app features, the I’m a Celebrity app’s sponsor ‘Tombola Arcade’ have also got their foot in the door, creating vibrant personalities for a group of jungle ‘critters’ (the #tombolabugs!), showing them using the celebrities contraband mobile phones to play their arcade games in a series of humorous adverts. Although the return on investment for this huge sponsorship deal is yet to be revealed, a partnership with one of the nation’s favourite TV shows is sure to deliver some excellent results.

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The Surge of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is now a massive part of the marketing industry with brands predicted to spend £80bn by 2020.

Why’s it so big?

Influencer marketing has become a huge trend within marketing in 2018. Followers and viewers of the influencers get attached to the individuals they’re watching, striving to use similar products and follow their lifestyle. They get to know the person through different social platforms. This builds trust between the viewer and influencer.

More and more brands are approaching influencers, offering to send them free products in exchange for a mention or photo on their social media. This is often due to the influencer’s number of followers and the ability to reach a significant audience. The mention or review of the product is trusted by the viewers, often leading to high volumes of sales. This is revolutionary for the marketing industry.

Surprisingly, it has been revealed that 30% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it’s been recommended by a blogger that isn’t a celebrity. This is partly due to the fact that bloggers seem more trustworthy and genuine. Celebrities are often trusted less due to their status and lifestyle. Consumers are much more inclined to buy from non-celebrity bloggers as they feel like they can relate more to them and their lifestyle.

But is it any good?

Influencers charge thousands per mention or post. Did you know, Zoella, a well-renowned beauty blogger charges over £10,000 for a post and over £40,000 per video for a brand mention?! With around 10 million followers on Instagram and over 11 million subscribers on YouTube, her posts bring a very high return on investment (ROI) for hundreds of brands.

Don’t worry, there are many other successful influencers with a smaller following. They charge much less and still bring great ROI!

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Christmas 2018: Magical TV Adverts

What do TV commercials have in store for us this Christmas?

Everyone’s talking about the latest Christmas TV Ads for 2018 released by the major retailers. Will we all be sick of them by the time Christmas day comes? With only 5 weeks to go until Christmas, these ads have certainly marked the start of festivity. We’re all prematurely excited to see what Christmas 2018 has in store for us.

What do we think of the Christmas ads?

Every year John Lewis think of a super unique and innovative storyline and engage their viewers deeply. This year’s Elton John advert wasn’t out to disappoint, it grabbed all of us here at Mooch. However, a clear-cut favourite from the team was the Sainsbury’s advert. A definite laugh resonated throughout the office with the appearance of a child dressed as a plug jumping into a socket.

The Aldi advert all had us confused, not sure how they’d got away with the use of a truck and sound of bells as it seems very similar to the classic Coca-Cola advert! We’re not massive fans of the Boots or M&S adverts, we believe they seem a bit cliche and uncreative. We think we could do a better job ourselves…how about a Mooch Christmas Advert, what are your thoughts? Why not tweet us @moochthinkbig

We ran a survey in the office to find out which adverts were the ultimate favourites from the team. It was decided that the John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Coca-Cola ads were at the top of the rankings for this year’s festive TV ads!

Why not let us know your favourites by adding and sending us a message on our new SnapChat @moochthinkbig

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Apple’s Newest Release: 77 New Emojis

Apple has released 77 new emojis on the new iOS12.1 alongside new apple products on the 30th October. With these new emojis came new hair options as well as animals such as a llama and swan. Bagels, a mango and a salt shaker are a few of the new food emojis and a lacrosse and frisbee sporting emoji. There were a few miscellaneous emojis such as a teddy bear, magnet and a ball of wool.

The New Emojis

Emojis are a great way of communicating without words. They can be used for a wide variety of meanings and the 157 (including skin tones and hair colours) new emojis is just adding to the already well-established emoji keyboard of 2,823 emojis. The variety Apple has provided is extensive. The company have now stated that there will be accessibility emojis being released in early 2019, therefore, meaning there certainly will be an emoji for almost anything! These accessibility emojis will include hearing aids, wheelchair and guide dog emojis.

The new hair colours available are one of the most prominent additions in the new release. Instead of just blonde, brown and black hair there are now options for ginger and grey hair for all skin tones alongside a curly hair and a new bald option. This variety is inclusive of most hair colours now (except for dyed pink hair). Even Jason – our Head of Studio – is now included with his grey hair and moustache. He therefore now has an emoji that fits his appearance perfectly which he’s very chuffed about!

We ran a survey, in the office with the team here at Mooch, of our favourite emojis from the new collection and here are the results:

What are your favourite emojis? Why not tweet us and tell us! @moochthinkbig

You could also have a look at our blog on Memoji’s here!

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How to Step-up your Instagram Pic Game

So, what makes a good Instagram?

Think of your Instagram profile as a mosaic full of small square shaped tiles. When people click on your profile they’ll see this “mosaic” rather than the individual photos. Your profile will look best if all of the photos fit together, flowing down your profile’s feed in a cohesive manner.

Ask yourself, what is the message my brand is trying to put across? Then think of this in terms of photos. If your brand message is lively and bold, choose bright and colourful photos. Your Instagram photos will need to evoke the correct message for your brand.

Invest time into preparing your photos ready for your feed

  • Do you need to buy some props or backdrops for flat lay photos?
  • Do you need to visit different locations that are “Instagrammable”? Here are a few cool locations in the UK to have a look at!

When taking the photographs, experiment with lighting, angles, and the overall composition of the photos. If you’re using an iPhone camera to take your pics, go to “settings”, then “camera” and turn on the “grid overlay” setting. Whenever you open the camera app a 9 square grid will show which will enable you to use the Rule of Thirds. When you’re taking the pics, take a moment to pause and evaluate the photos in your camera roll. Ask yourself, “What looks good”, “What don’t I like?”, “What should I change?” and “Are there any other angles I could try?”.

After you’ve finished shooting – you’ll probably end up with 100s of photos to choose from, you can then go through and delete/edit the relevant pics. It’s better to have options to choose from and put time into taking pictures, rather than taking one blurry, out of focus shot with poor lighting which will just make your insta lack any enthusiasm about your brand.

To edit your photos our team recommend the apps VSCO, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop Express.

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10 Tips to get your E-Commerce Website Ready for Black Friday

How Your Business Can Capitalise on Black Friday…

23rd Nov – Save the date! Black Friday is growing ever bigger in the UK with £1.4bn spent last year on that one day alone. It’s now the busiest shopping day of the year which only means one thing – your e-commerce website needs to be well prepared and this is how…

  1. A Pre-Buzz is Key – Use countdown style posts on your social platforms and email marketing.
  2. Post Teasers – By doing this you’ll add to the buzz and get your customers excited to see what deals you’ve in store for them when the date comes.
  3. Add “Price Notification” call-to-actions – These will notify all customers that have signed up through email when a product’s price changed and it goes on sale.
  4. Use coupon codes – Customers will be expecting some kind of amazing deal, post these on your social platforms and on emails, make them easy to use and find.
  5. State that sales End at Midnight – This creates urgency and gives customers a deadline to send their orders in before the sale ends. You could add a countdown to your website’s homepage or on banners.
  6. Make sure images are optimised and compressed before upload – This ensures that images will load quickly so that customers aren’t waiting to view images of the product they may be interested in. Don’t let them leave the page due to the product image failing or taking too long to load.
  7. Make sure your customer service team are prepared – Respond fast to customer queries, issues and concerns. When customers see fast responses on your social media help pages they’re more likely to buy from you and it also helps to build good customer relationships and satisfaction.
  8. Keep track of stock – Make sure your stock system integrations are tested and ready for real time updates to prepare for high sale volumes.
  9. Your technical support team are key to a successful Black Friday event – They will need to ensure the website and backend systems are working as efficiently as possible as demand increases.
  10. Offer free shipping – Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can avoid having to pay high shipping costs.

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Our tips for getting your social media revoltingly ready for a haunted Halloween

The UK is predicted to spend a whopping £500 million on Halloween compared to just £12 million in 2001. 29% of UK consumers plan to buy Halloween themed retail merchandise and the average spend by Halloween shoppers will be £33.

Did you know there will be…

  • 23 million #Halloween Tweets
  • 21 million #Halloween Instagram posts
  • 273 million costume ideas pinned on Pinterest

Scared your business isn’t prepared for Halloween?

Why not dress your social media profiles up by adding Halloween related graphics to profile pictures and cover photos? Additionally, Halloween themed emojis could be incorporated into posts.

Twitter and Instagram Story polls as well as the Instagram story Q&A feature could be used to ask your followers questions for example, “What are you going dressed as for Halloween?”. This will encourage customers to interact with your posts and connect with you on a more personal level.

Boo from our crew…👻

You could also show what your team’s doing by creating posts and stories of what you’re doing in the office behind the scenes such as dressing up or decorating the office. This humanises your brand and makes it more approachable.

Sounds fang-tastic right? Need some more spooky inspo? Struggling for ghostly ideas to prepare your social platforms for Halloween? Get in touch with us today to discuss what we could do to help. Promise we don’t bite! Why not call us 01527 592738 or drop us an email [email protected]