Influencer Marketing is now a massive part of the marketing industry with brands predicted to spend £80bn by 2020. Why’s it so big?

Influencer marketing has become a huge trend within marketing in 2018. Followers and viewers of the influencers get attached to the individuals they’re watching, striving to use similar products and follow their lifestyle. They get to know the person through different social platforms. This builds trust between the viewer and influencer.

More and more brands are approaching influencers,

What do TV commercials have in store for us this Christmas?

Everyone’s talking about the latest Christmas TV Ads for 2018 released by the major retailers. Will we all be sick of them by the time Christmas day comes? With only 5 weeks to go until Christmas, these ads have certainly marked the start of festivity. We’re all prematurely excited to see what Christmas 2018 has in store for us.

What do we think of the Christmas ads?
Apple has released 77 new emojis on the new iOS12.1 alongside new apple products on the 30th October.

With these new emojis came new hair options as well as animals such as a llama and swan. Bagels, a mango and a salt shaker are a few of the new food emojis and a lacrosse and frisbee sporting emoji. There were a few miscellaneous emojis such as a teddy bear, magnet and a ball of wool.

So, what makes a good Instagram?

Think of your Instagram profile as a mosaic full of small square shaped tiles. When people click on your profile they’ll see this “mosaic” rather than the individual photos. Your profile will look best if all of the photos fit together, flowing down your profile’s feed in a cohesive manner.

Ask yourself, what is the message my brand is trying to put across?

How Your Business Can Capitalise on Black Friday…

23rd Nov – Save the date! Black Friday is growing ever bigger in the UK with £1.4bn spent last year on that one day alone. It’s now the busiest shopping day of the year which only means one thing – your e-commerce website needs to be well prepared and this is how…

  1. A Pre-Buzz is Key – Use countdown style posts on your social platforms and email marketing.

The UK is predicted to spend a whopping £500 million on Halloween compared to just £12 million in 2001. 29% of UK consumers plan to buy Halloween themed retail merchandise and the average spend by Halloween shoppers will be £33.

Did you know there will be…

  • 23 million #Halloween Tweets
  • 21 million #Halloween Instagram posts
  • 273 million costume ideas pinned on Pinterest

Scared your business isn’t prepared for Halloween?

Colour Psychology in Marketing

Colour is one of the most influential aspects of design as it impacts the way we behave and think, it acts as an emotional cue. It has been found that people make criticism about your content in 90 seconds and 90% of that is influenced by the colour they see.

In magazines, full colour ads are acknowledged 26% more often than simple black and white ads and brands are recognised up to 80% more when specific colour is used.

It’s been an exciting week here at mooch with a new member Hannah, Marketing Executive, joining the team. Hannah has a keen interest in social media marketing and will be keeping a close eye on the latest features, trends and tips. Check out Hannah’s first blog here! 

What is it?

IGTV is a new feature which has been created by Instagram where users can upload longer, 10 minute or 1 hour videos instead of the normal 1 minute restriction.

Want to keep ahead of the latest design trends? Choosing the right background design for your website and branding projects can be difficult, especially as it’s so easy for some background textures and styles to become quickly out-dated.

A good background should complement the overall design and add focus to foreground content without distracting or reducing the impact of text and images. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project and want to explore new trends for backgrounds,

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