Everybody has heard of emojis, small faces displaying emotions, that can be used as part of messages to add extra flare or emphasis. In fact, we love them here at Mooch. However, they often lack that personal touch, this is something that Apple have picked up on and delivered a fantastic solution to as part of their IOS 12 update for their latest iPhone. This solution comes in the form of Memojis.

Memojis make use of the new Iphone X,

We all know the benefits of content marketing (check out our blog here!), but we also know that the strategy is not always as easy as it seems. Creating up to date, relevant and engaging content that audiences actually search for and enjoy can be a huge challenge for marketers. We’re letting you in on our five top tips to content creation…

Stay Relevant and Research

Research is the core of all effective marketing content.

Why Video Marketing Matters

So, Why Is Video Marketing So Important…

It is predicted that by 2019, 80% of online content will be video marketing meaning that consumers will spend even more time watching and engaging with video content. Video is quickly becoming the most effective way for businesses to reach their audiences who are continuously searching for informative and inspiring content.

Video marketing is an excellent way to build brand awareness,

Video Production Case Study – MAALS Watches

It’s been an exciting day in the studio at mooch HQ! We have been filming and editing product videos for the amazing MAALS product range. Handmade in the UK, the timepieces look outstanding and the video showcases their unique features, whilst featuring artwork from the etched caseback of the watches, complementing the ‘Jump Over the Moon’ product theme.

Just click here for a sneak preview of what we’ve been working on!

How Did Influencer Marketing Help Brands Capitalise on Love Island’s Popularity…

The Flack is back on ITV this summer with series 4 of Love Island. Love it or hate it, the show has received a record breaking number of viewers and it seems this year, the Love Island bug has spread further than ever.

With 3.4 million viewers tuning in to the launch show, many brands including Missguided, Rimmel, Samsung and Ministry of Sound have seen an opportunity to engage with target markets and use the islanders as influencers,

Instagram stories are a powerful tool for businesses to engage with audiences and develop and nurture customer relationships. The feature gives brands the opportunity to showcase their brand personality with fun and creative attention-grabbing content. Check out our 5 top tips on how your business could be using Instagram here…

Drive traffic to… wherever you like!

If your business account has more than 10,000 followers, you can add a swipe up call-to-action to your Instagram story to drive traffic to an outbound link.

Here at mooch, we would love to join you on your next mission to launch your marketing into orbit! Climb on board for our #MoochMission by engineering your very own mooch spacecraft. Your mission should you choose to accept it Simply drop your name and postal address to [email protected] to get your FREE rocket assembly kit sent out today. Once complete, share your rocket snap using the hashtag #MoochMission.

Microinteractions are one of the biggest current UX trends. A microinteraction is an animated or visual response that occurs as a result of a specific action that a user performs. Almost all applications are filled with them – they play a large part in our digital lives, even if we don’t always notice them.

The best thing about microinteractions is that they can be used on a variety of platforms in a number of ways,

To add to our fast growing collection of mooch Marketing hack books, we have released our latest edition – ‘Top 10 Tips on Augmented Reality’.

Whether Augmented Reality is completely new to you, or it’s at the heart of your current marketing strategy, our handy guide is sure to give you an insight into how AR works, how it can benefit your business and how mooch can help you bring your ideas to life.

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