The Surge of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is now a massive part of the marketing industry with brands predicted to spend £80bn by 2020.

Why’s it so big?

Influencer marketing has become a huge trend within marketing in 2018. Followers and viewers of the influencers get attached to the individuals they’re watching, striving to use similar products and follow their lifestyle. They get to know the person through different social platforms. This builds trust between the viewer and influencer.

More and more brands are approaching influencers, offering to send them free products in exchange for a mention or photo on their social media. This is often due to the influencer’s number of followers and the ability to reach a significant audience. The mention or review of the product is trusted by the viewers, often leading to high volumes of sales. This is revolutionary for the marketing industry.

Surprisingly, it has been revealed that 30% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it’s been recommended by a blogger that isn’t a celebrity. This is partly due to the fact that bloggers seem more trustworthy and genuine. Celebrities are often trusted less due to their status and lifestyle. Consumers are much more inclined to buy from non-celebrity bloggers as they feel like they can relate more to them and their lifestyle.

But is it any good?

Influencers charge thousands per mention or post. Did you know, Zoella, a well-renowned beauty blogger charges over £10,000 for a post and over £40,000 per video for a brand mention?! With around 10 million followers on Instagram and over 11 million subscribers on YouTube, her posts bring a very high return on investment (ROI) for hundreds of brands.

Don’t worry, there are many other successful influencers with a smaller following. They charge much less and still bring great ROI!

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Christmas 2018: Magical TV Adverts

What do TV commercials have in store for us this Christmas?

Everyone’s talking about the latest Christmas TV Ads for 2018 released by the major retailers. Will we all be sick of them by the time Christmas day comes? With only 5 weeks to go until Christmas, these ads have certainly marked the start of festivity. We’re all prematurely excited to see what Christmas 2018 has in store for us.

What do we think of the Christmas ads?

Every year John Lewis think of a super unique and innovative storyline and engage their viewers deeply. This year’s Elton John advert wasn’t out to disappoint, it grabbed all of us here at Mooch. However, a clear-cut favourite from the team was the Sainsbury’s advert. A definite laugh resonated throughout the office with the appearance of a child dressed as a plug jumping into a socket.

The Aldi advert all had us confused, not sure how they’d got away with the use of a truck and sound of bells as it seems very similar to the classic Coca-Cola advert! We’re not massive fans of the Boots or M&S adverts, we believe they seem a bit cliche and uncreative. We think we could do a better job ourselves…how about a Mooch Christmas Advert, what are your thoughts? Why not tweet us @moochthinkbig

We ran a survey in the office to find out which adverts were the ultimate favourites from the team. It was decided that the John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Coca-Cola ads were at the top of the rankings for this year’s festive TV ads!

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Apple’s Newest Release: 77 New Emojis

Apple has released 77 new emojis on the new iOS12.1 alongside new apple products on the 30th October. With these new emojis came new hair options as well as animals such as a llama and swan. Bagels, a mango and a salt shaker are a few of the new food emojis and a lacrosse and frisbee sporting emoji. There were a few miscellaneous emojis such as a teddy bear, magnet and a ball of wool.

The New Emojis

Emojis are a great way of communicating without words. They can be used for a wide variety of meanings and the 157 (including skin tones and hair colours) new emojis is just adding to the already well-established emoji keyboard of 2,823 emojis. The variety Apple has provided is extensive. The company have now stated that there will be accessibility emojis being released in early 2019, therefore, meaning there certainly will be an emoji for almost anything! These accessibility emojis will include hearing aids, wheelchair and guide dog emojis.

The new hair colours available are one of the most prominent additions in the new release. Instead of just blonde, brown and black hair there are now options for ginger and grey hair for all skin tones alongside a curly hair and a new bald option. This variety is inclusive of most hair colours now (except for dyed pink hair). Even Jason – our Head of Studio – is now included with his grey hair and moustache. He therefore now has an emoji that fits his appearance perfectly which he’s very chuffed about!

We ran a survey, in the office with the team here at Mooch, of our favourite emojis from the new collection and here are the results:

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You could also have a look at our blog on Memoji’s here!

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How to Step-up your Instagram Pic Game

So, what makes a good Instagram?

Think of your Instagram profile as a mosaic full of small square shaped tiles. When people click on your profile they’ll see this “mosaic” rather than the individual photos. Your profile will look best if all of the photos fit together, flowing down your profile’s feed in a cohesive manner.

Ask yourself, what is the message my brand is trying to put across? Then think of this in terms of photos. If your brand message is lively and bold, choose bright and colourful photos. Your Instagram photos will need to evoke the correct message for your brand.

Invest time into preparing your photos ready for your feed

  • Do you need to buy some props or backdrops for flat lay photos?
  • Do you need to visit different locations that are “Instagrammable”? Here are a few cool locations in the UK to have a look at!

When taking the photographs, experiment with lighting, angles, and the overall composition of the photos. If you’re using an iPhone camera to take your pics, go to “settings”, then “camera” and turn on the “grid overlay” setting. Whenever you open the camera app a 9 square grid will show which will enable you to use the Rule of Thirds. When you’re taking the pics, take a moment to pause and evaluate the photos in your camera roll. Ask yourself, “What looks good”, “What don’t I like?”, “What should I change?” and “Are there any other angles I could try?”.

After you’ve finished shooting – you’ll probably end up with 100s of photos to choose from, you can then go through and delete/edit the relevant pics. It’s better to have options to choose from and put time into taking pictures, rather than taking one blurry, out of focus shot with poor lighting which will just make your insta lack any enthusiasm about your brand.

To edit your photos our team recommend the apps VSCO, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop Express.

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10 Tips to get your E-Commerce Website Ready for Black Friday

How Your Business Can Capitalise on Black Friday…

23rd Nov – Save the date! Black Friday is growing ever bigger in the UK with £1.4bn spent last year on that one day alone. It’s now the busiest shopping day of the year which only means one thing – your e-commerce website needs to be well prepared and this is how…

  1. A Pre-Buzz is Key – Use countdown style posts on your social platforms and email marketing.
  2. Post Teasers – By doing this you’ll add to the buzz and get your customers excited to see what deals you’ve in store for them when the date comes.
  3. Add “Price Notification” call-to-actions – These will notify all customers that have signed up through email when a product’s price changed and it goes on sale.
  4. Use coupon codes – Customers will be expecting some kind of amazing deal, post these on your social platforms and on emails, make them easy to use and find.
  5. State that sales End at Midnight – This creates urgency and gives customers a deadline to send their orders in before the sale ends. You could add a countdown to your website’s homepage or on banners.
  6. Make sure images are optimised and compressed before upload – This ensures that images will load quickly so that customers aren’t waiting to view images of the product they may be interested in. Don’t let them leave the page due to the product image failing or taking too long to load.
  7. Make sure your customer service team are prepared – Respond fast to customer queries, issues and concerns. When customers see fast responses on your social media help pages they’re more likely to buy from you and it also helps to build good customer relationships and satisfaction.
  8. Keep track of stock – Make sure your stock system integrations are tested and ready for real time updates to prepare for high sale volumes.
  9. Your technical support team are key to a successful Black Friday event – They will need to ensure the website and backend systems are working as efficiently as possible as demand increases.
  10. Offer free shipping – Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can avoid having to pay high shipping costs.

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Our tips for getting your social media revoltingly ready for a haunted Halloween

The UK is predicted to spend a whopping £500 million on Halloween compared to just £12 million in 2001. 29% of UK consumers plan to buy Halloween themed retail merchandise and the average spend by Halloween shoppers will be £33.

Did you know there will be…

  • 23 million #Halloween Tweets
  • 21 million #Halloween Instagram posts
  • 273 million costume ideas pinned on Pinterest

Scared your business isn’t prepared for Halloween?

Why not dress your social media profiles up by adding Halloween related graphics to profile pictures and cover photos? Additionally, Halloween themed emojis could be incorporated into posts.

Twitter and Instagram Story polls as well as the Instagram story Q&A feature could be used to ask your followers questions for example, “What are you going dressed as for Halloween?”. This will encourage customers to interact with your posts and connect with you on a more personal level.

Boo from our crew…👻

You could also show what your team’s doing by creating posts and stories of what you’re doing in the office behind the scenes such as dressing up or decorating the office. This humanises your brand and makes it more approachable.

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Colour Psychology in Marketing

Colour is one of the most influential aspects of design as it impacts the way we behave and think, it acts as an emotional cue. It has been found that people make criticism about your content in 90 seconds and 90% of that is influenced by the colour they see.

In magazines, full colour ads are acknowledged 26% more often than simple black and white ads and brands are recognised up to 80% more when specific colour is used. If colour is used properly then the attention of customers is much more likely to be caught.

Colours don’t have a direct relationship to emotions as different colours create a variety of responses and feelings depending on the context in which they’re used in. However, there are certain colours that are known to evoke an emotional response, for example the colour white can create a sense of purity, and innocence. Black can be used to show sophistication, control and independence.

Over 30% of the World’s Top 100 brands use blue in their logo. Why is this? Well blue evokes a feeling of credibility, trust and reliability. Most fast-food brands use bright reds and oranges in their logo which creates a sense of urgency for the customer, leading to speedier eating.

In marketing when choosing colours to use you should look at the target audience and see what colours are going to grab their attention. For example if your target market is the elderly, using bright colours such as red, blue and green are more likely to be recognised compared to pale, muted tones of colour.

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Lights, Camera, Action: Introducing IGTV

It’s been an exciting week here at mooch with a new member Hannah, Marketing Executive, joining the team. Hannah has a keen interest in social media marketing and will be keeping a close eye on the latest features, trends and tips. Check out Hannah’s first blog here! 

What is it?

IGTV is a new feature which has been created by Instagram where users can upload longer, 10 minute or 1 hour videos instead of the normal 1 minute restriction. The length depends on your following, those with a larger amount of followers that have more influence are allowed 1 hour, whilst those with a smaller following are allowed 10 minutes. The videos are uploaded in a vertical 9:16 format and can be watched either via the dedicated IGTV app, the original Instagram App or on desktop through a unique link.

The dedicated app is easy to use. As soon as it is opened, videos start playing just as a TV would when it is first turned on. If you swipe up on the screen, more content can be discovered through 4 tabs: ‘For you’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular’, and ‘Continue Watching’. Additionally the videos can be liked, shared via direct message, and commented on.

How can it help your business?

IGTV is a unique way to engage with followers and customers and communicate your brand message. Using IGTV increases the chance of your message being received, as users are usually searching for a more in-depth viewing experience when using the feature. Videos can be used to introduce your organisation and team, as well as to create awareness of your brand and the products/ services you provide. Including a call to action by adding multiple links to the description of videos can help to drive traffic to your website.

IGTV can also be used by businesses to market their products through how-to videos, tutorials and product demonstrations. Using video to share product information and industry knowledge can increase engagement and establish credibility and thought leadership within your industry.    

Why not use this exciting new feature to interview employees in your organisation or provide answers to frequently asked questions? Behind the scenes video content is also a great way to communicate your brand personality and show your team working on a campaign, event, or project. Not only can you show off about the hard work your employees do, you can also build trust and relationships with audiences.

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Design Inspiration: Cutting Edge Backgrounds

Want to keep ahead of the latest design trends? Choosing the right background design for your website and branding projects can be difficult, especially as it’s so easy for some background textures and styles to become quickly out-dated.

A good background should complement the overall design and add focus to foreground content without distracting or reducing the impact of text and images. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project and want to explore new trends for backgrounds, check out our favourite styles from the Shutterstock on-trend design blog here.

Metallic Marble

Following on from the natural luxury trend that we saw at the beginning of 2018 that we spoke about here, we’ve seen marble in design time and time again. In background design, the marble texture is now being enhanced with gold, silver and copper, giving the natural stone an elegant feel and giving a high-end, luxurious and elegant appeal.

Creative Concrete

Concrete floors and walls are a popular way to make a style statement in interior design, and the effect has crept into design for backgrounds in 2018. The minimalist texture gives an industrial and urban feel to the backdrop of websites and projects. The soft grey colour provides a great neutral canvas, complementing monochrome design and also pairing beautifully with brighter elements and splashes of colour.

Playful Pastels

Youthful and fun pastel colours are well suited to backgrounds and large spaces to fill within design, being a great way to introduce a lot of colour without overwhelming audiences. The fresh, feel good colours are often associated with childhood and the positive associations create a sense of calmness and relaxation. The pale pink, powder blue and mint green colour palettes are often used in design to appeal to the Millennial market.


Essentially, duotone backgrounds are made up of two complementary colours, giving designers the opportunity to have fun and experiment with new and unique colour combinations. Duotone effects create eye-catching material that draw the eye and can be used in web design to encourage visitors to scroll to, and click on the desired call to action. With so many colour blends and options, you’re sure to find a duotone effect that works with your existing colour and design scheme.

A simple background change can refresh and add a modern touch to existing designs without the need for a complete overhaul. If you’re looking for cutting edge, on trend designs, why not get in touch today?

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Memoji – A fantastic showcase of consumer facing augmented reality

Everybody has heard of emojis, small faces displaying emotions, that can be used as part of messages to add extra flare or emphasis. In fact, we love them here at Mooch. However, they often lack that personal touch, this is something that Apple have picked up on and delivered a fantastic solution to as part of their IOS 12 update for their latest iPhone. This solution comes in the form of Memojis.



Memojis make use of the new Iphone X, XS and XR’s front facing 3D camera to generate your very own Memoji by simply looking at your phone. Memoijs bring a whole new angle to the already famous emoji and Animoji features available on previous iPhone products, allowing users to create completely personalised emoji to express themselves in a new and exciting way. Some of many of the uses of the Memoji features include; adding more character to your voice messages and completely personalising messages with your friends and family!

Memoji tracks your movements in real time using the front-facing 3d camera on the newest iPhone models to allow you to send videos and gifs of your Memoji mimicking the actions and sounds you make! This removes all the limitations we have when using emoji, because the Memoji can replicate any facial expression you can possibly make, ensuring that your choice of Memoji matches your conversation. Although Memoji is technically a cosmetic update, may people feel that it adds much needed personalism and expression to texting and instant messaging services.



In the modern world, personalisation and uniqueness is everything in a phone, and we feel that Memoji has allowed users to have pure and true personalisation over them. Memoji allows users to really connect to the feeling that it is their phone, rather than a phone, because they exist as an augmented reality character within the device.

Apple also allow users to create as many Memoji characters as you want, meaning that you can choose from a wide selection of your created alter egos, depending on your mood on a given day. You can even use your Memoji to facetime and video call other iPhone users at any time, meaning that you don’t even need to show your real face to let others know that you’re there!

Memoji shows off some of the very best modern augmented and virtual reality technology working in union with animation. The technology used within the Memoji could potentially have massive uses in other industries, such as film and gaming. At Mooch, we also use technology like that used in Memoji, instead using the expertise and knowledge that our teams have on these subjects to bring you the very best augmented and virtual reality, animation and creative design services on the market. We take a lot of inspiration from Memoji and work to implement many of the genius ideas and technologies behind this feature into our own services.



Overall, we feel that Memoji is a fantastic product that has revolutionised the way we text and interact with our phones overall. We are extremely excited to see how the technology used behind Memoji can be used in the future, and what Apple intend to do next with this amazing feature!

Here at Mooch HQ, the team were straight onto downloading the latest iOS 12 update and built a digital avatar for each person – take a look here and let us know what you think!

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