Christmas 2018: Magical TV Adverts

What do TV commercials have in store for us this Christmas?

Everyone’s talking about the latest Christmas TV Ads for 2018 released by the major retailers. Will we all be sick of them by the time Christmas day comes? With only 5 weeks to go until Christmas, these ads have certainly marked the start of festivity. We’re all prematurely excited to see what Christmas 2018 has in store for us.

What do we think of the Christmas ads?

Every year John Lewis think of a super unique and innovative storyline and engage their viewers deeply. This year’s Elton John advert wasn’t out to disappoint, it grabbed all of us here at Mooch. However, a clear-cut favourite from the team was the Sainsbury’s advert. A definite laugh resonated throughout the office with the appearance of a child dressed as a plug jumping into a socket.

The Aldi advert all had us confused, not sure how they’d got away with the use of a truck and sound of bells as it seems very similar to the classic Coca-Cola advert! We’re not massive fans of the Boots or M&S adverts, we believe they seem a bit cliche and uncreative. We think we could do a better job ourselves…how about a Mooch Christmas Advert, what are your thoughts? Why not tweet us @moochthinkbig

We ran a survey in the office to find out which adverts were the ultimate favourites from the team. It was decided that the John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Coca-Cola ads were at the top of the rankings for this year’s festive TV ads!

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