Is Direct Mail Making a Comeback?

In recent years, whilst marketers have focused their efforts on cost effective, online digital marketing methods, fewer businesses have used traditional direct mail campaigns. However, in 2017, data from the Advertising Association and Warc found that direct mail, after online and TV, was the third largest media channel in the UK. Is direct mail going to make its voice heard once again in 2018?

With most of our email inboxes bursting at the seams, direct mail seems to have been given a new lease of life. Our inboxes are full of news, updates and offers from businesses that we simply don’t have time to read. With everybody else advertising online, physical mailboxes have become a lot less cluttered.

There’s no denying that new technologies have changed the direct mail industry. Digital advances allow recipients to engage with direct mail using their mobile devices, creating seamless online and offline experiences. For example, Augmented Reality (AR) allows a visual prompt on a mailer to be activated through a smartphone or tablet.

The more sophisticated methods that businesses are using to collect consumer information have also contributed towards the direct mail resurgence, allowing businesses to more accurately segment the market and precisely target them using personalised content.

So how effective is it? There have always been questions about the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns, as the traditional method is difficult to measure in terms of responses and ROI. Technological advances have made the results much easier to manage, for example the use of QR codes campaigns. Once scanned, the codes can send recipients directly to a landing page that is only used for the campaign, allowing them to be easily tracked and measured.

With personalised content, effective segmentation of your audience and integration with online channels, you can stand out from the digital noise by using a more traditional approach like direct mail!

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