EasyJet “Look&Book” – The App To Help You Book Flights To The Dream Destination You Saw On Instagram

The Dream Destination Finder

Our app developers here at Mooch have always got their eye on new apps, trends and concepts. Have you heard about the cool app EasyJet have developed? You simply upload your screenshot of the photo you found online. The app will then tell you where it is and offer you a selection of flights that will get you there.

This unique concept is similar to some e-commerce apps such as ASOS. On the ASOS App you just upload a photo of an outfit you’ve seen like a celebrity wearing a jacket you love. ASOS will then show you a selection of items from it’s product range that are the same or similar. However, this Look&Book app by EasyJet works with Instagram due to the platform’s geotagging information – it does this by using image-recognition techniques to locate where the photo is located.

EasyJet’s “Look&Book” app is the first of its kind in the airline industry, we’re sure it’ll be extremely popular to those searching for the European location of the luxury escape they eyed up on Insta. It cleans up and smooths out the bridge between the consumer searching and booking process. With high levels of traffic expected, from an idea to an event, this app will enable the impulsive holiday booking market to boom when people are in need of their dream getaway.

Download it on the app store or google play.

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