5 Web Design Trends for 2017

As web design trends are usually transient, it’s not only important to keep on top of emerging trends, but also to stay ahead of them. We’re always on the look out for upcoming trends in the market and have compiled a list of the top 5 to watch out for in 2017:


The death of stock photography

There is now a higher demand for custom images that are authentic and unique to your business. There are no longer any excuses for a site filled top to bottom with stock images, so get yourself some awesome bespoke shots to show your business off for what it truly is. We offer in-house photography to authenticate your website – check out our Work page for examples.



Less is more in 2017, with minimalistic design features set to be a big hit. Card features, where pages are arranged with information and links in blocks and grids will be popular. Have a look at how effective this feature is on the Solus Ceramics website.



We’ll see a lot more of single page designs with parallax scrolling features. Fitting in well with the minimalism trend, this simple design feature will engage customers by making browsing easier and clearer. Check out the website we designed for Abacus Outsource as an example.



There will be a higher demand for storytelling within websites. Customers want an enhanced user experience and you can do this by drawing them in with an alluring story. Take a look at the characters we created to add a storytelling element to IGO Posts website.



Animation is an exciting trend that is going to carry on growing in 2017. The only thing to watch out for is over-animating everything and making sites messy and slow. Keep it simple and subtle so it doesn’t overpower the site, and you’re on to a winner. Keep an eye out for our special Christmas-themed animation set to make a debut on the Lea Marston/The Abbey Hotel website this week.

Mooch takes Germany by storm

markilux-visit-2Last week Mark, Dan and Jake flew to Germany to visit the home country of Markilux, a manufacturer and supplier of commercial and residential awnings. Markilux is a long-running client of ours – we’ve worked on many projects for the brand with the aim to enhance their presence in the UK market, particularly in the commercial sector.

They were invited by the German team to the Markilux showroom in Hamburg to present all the work we’ve done for Markilux here in the UK and the results, and pitched our new ideas for future projects.

Peer and the team were great hosts and we hope to visit them again soon.

Why did Mooch cross the road?

…To get a bigger, swankier office!

Processed with Snapseed.

You might have heard that we recently moved premises to just over the other side of Brockhill Court. Due to our current growth as a business, we were filled to capacity at our old place.

fullsizerender2 Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

With plans to expand even further, we needed our office space to have the potential to grow with us. While we didn’t move far, we’ve nearly doubled our square footage, which is now spread across two floors, all the while keeping the quirky charm of a barn conversion.

                                                                                    Processed with Snapseed.


Come and give us a visit!


5 Golden Rules of Social Media

So your business has been present on social media for a few years now, or maybe you’re a start-up looking to increase your online presence. It’s been doing okay, but you can’t help but wish there was a magic way to get your profile booming.

It’s not quite magic, but we’ve collated 5 golden rules that will make your social media strategy more effective:

1. Be a Specialist
It’s easily done, but it’s important not to lose focus from what your brand is all about. In order for your audience to have an interest in your brand, you must be an expert in what you do best – and not try to be anything else. They will engage much more with you if you don’t try to be good at everything, and specialise in exactly what makes your brand special.

2. Quality over Quantity
The amount of followers you have on social media is really just a vanity metric. What is really most important is reach and engagement: it is much more valuable to a brand to have 1,500 followers who actually engage with your content than 15,000 ‘ghost’ followers. Instead of focusing on boosting your number of followers, invest your time into creating regular quality, thought provoking content for your existing followers, and the shares, likes and comments will follow.

3. Form Relationships
One of the biggest business benefits of social media is the ability to communicate with your clients/consumers immediately. It’s vital to not take this for granted, and to stay engaged with your audience. If someone reaches out to your brand on social media, make sure you reply to them wherever possible. As well as with your audience, participate in conversations with other businesses about an industry-relevant topic, to share opinions and form relationships that could benefit you in the future.

4. Patience is Key
You will have realised by now that the results on your social media efforts will not show immediately. It may seem like all your time invested in creating quality content and engaging with your customers is going to waste, but stick with it. Social media marketing requires long-term planning and, as long as you keep your posting regular and consistent, we promise it will pay off in the long run!

5. Paying Pays Off
…However, if you are super impatient and want the world to see your content now, or if you have an important product launch and you want to boost the reach of a one-off post, you could think about paid social media posting. This means that you can increase your post’s reach exponentially, and probably at a much smaller cost than you’d think. For example, an investment as little as £20 could get you 20,000 reach into a tailored audience.

6 Key features for your new website

So your business needs a new website?

Website design can be an overwhelming process, so we’ve put together a list of 6 things we think are the most important to think about when you get your new site developed.

The first thing you must do is secure a relevant and catchy URL. Ensure that it makes sense for your business, doesn’t have a weird spelling and is available on social platforms too. There are plenty of online tools to help you check this out.

1. Crucial Business Information

Depending on your business, you should have a few sections on your website that fall into the realm of “information”. We know restaurants need a menu and a list of locations (ideally with directions or a map), but every industry has its necessary items. If you’re an ecommerce business, you need product images (and they need to be good quality). If you work in the service industry and have a business that relies heavily on customer service and referrals, put some testimonials on your site.

For example, a wedding planner could have one of her recent brides write about her experience with the business. A web designer should include screenshots or link out to previous work. A hair salon could have client testimonials about a stylist’s skills and promptness. Tailor your site so that it offers the information users are likely to be looking for.

2. Contact Information

We can’t stress enough that most crucial business detail is contact information— which is why it has its own section. Have a telephone number, email address, business address and a contact form easily accessible and visible. It makes a difference because there’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to get in touch with a needed business or service.

When you put an email address or a phone number on the site, don’t upload this information as part of an image — the number or address should be able to be clicked on or copied right from the site in order to place the call or send an email conveniently and quickly. Most smartphones these days have the ability to do “click to call” on the web, so make the process as easy as possible for users.

3. Clear Navigation

A map is useless without a legend and a website is useless without clear navigation. Make sure you use easy-to-understand and logical names for the various pages of your site — contact, about, FAQ, etc. Being clever or cryptic will just be a turnoff for users.

When developing your navigation strategy, you should consider a call to action. What is it that you want people to do on your site? Place an order? Email for a quote? Become a member? Come to your brick-and-mortar store? Call to speak with a customer service rep? Make your goals clear and obvious.

Think about the goal of your potential customer. Pepper the site with action items to help the customer easily do what you want them to do.

4. Social Media Integration

There are a lot of social platforms out there. Social media is a critical part of marketing for your business, therefore you should promote your presence on them through your website.

Integrating these platforms into your website will help boost your SEO, improve your business’ footprint on the social web and build your following across numerous social platforms. Is it worth it to maintain a presence on so many social platforms? Yes — as long as you actually maintain your content, you’ll keep your brand at top-of-mind and keep users engaged.

5. Be mobile friendly

Smartphones and tablets are driving an increasing amount of web traffic, and the numbers are only going to grow as mobile devices become cheaper and more mainstream.

Responsive website design enables you to use fluid widths, so that your website layout will adapt to the screen on which it’s being browsed. You can enter HTML code so that your sidebar takes up, say 20% of the screen width, and the remaining 80% is reserved for the body of your website. Layouts are adjustable and images are scalable to make for a better web experience on myriad devices. Here are some examples of sites with responsive design, so you can see for yourself.

6. Add some Features You Don’t Need

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. But also feel free to add these things on your website:
• Music
• Flash
• Anything that autoplays, whether it’s music or a video.
• Parallax sections – these add to the feel of the site.

Speeding ahead with a new social media client

If you’re lucky enough to have been in the market for a luxury or supercar lately, you’ve more than likely heard of The Supercar Rooms. They are a specialist car dealer based in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. They not only buy and sell cars, but they also service and upgrade them.

We are proud to announce that The Supercar Rooms have enlisted Mooch Creative as their social media partner in an effort to promote growth and awareness across their social media platforms.

Moving forward, we will be adding a touch of ‘BIG thinking’ and using our creative minds to push them forward on social media.

Take a look on their channels today and keep updated by connecting.

Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    LinkedIn

We are really looking forward to getting stuck in the social media for this client, with the array of cars constantly in stock it gives us a content goldmine to take advantage of.

Remember, if your business is struggling to make sense of social media then get in touch today, we offer a wide range of solutions from consultancy, to full management to advertising to give you a boost.

Find out more here

Marketing and communications are a vital part of any company’s survival and growth. But who do you think should take care of them?

Marketing and communications are a vital part of any company’s survival and growth. But who do you think should take care of them? You have three options;

  1. Do it yourself – although you have the knowledge, drive and passion for the business, sometimes its hard to find the time and have the skills to actually carry out a marketing and communications strategy.
  2. Hire someone – often costly and risky as you have to pay a large salary, and then hire other members of staff to carry out the marketing plan below the marketing manager, often this can increase spending and give you a headache.
  3. Outsource to an agency, well of course we think this is the best option – and we know there’s lots of other agencies out there, so here’s some reasons for choosing Mooch Creative.

To create campaigns and deliver projects that stand out from your competition, you need some ‘creative people’ behind you. We have these hard to find creatures in abundance and we love to guide brands into the creative realms and beyond with our clever ideas (and knowledge of how to actually execute them).

We have worked with a huge range of businesses across more sectors than we could fit on this page. This means we can translate our thinking across a vast range of situations, target markets and industries which means we can give an opinion and idea that’s different and then take this across different channels. We know that our clients are often experts in their specific field, but we like to think outside of the field and look at the bigger picture.

We stay on top of tech trends and developments. What does this mean for you? Well it means you get a dedicated team of people who will share the best ways to market your product or service utilising the latest tools and platforms on the market.

When you hire Mooch, you won’t need to worry about the costs associated with hiring someone. Recruitment, PAYE, Insurance, Pension, Software, Hardware just to list a few – all of this is gone! You pay us a fixed fee each month and we deliver. Simple.

We love delivering tangible results for our clients. Any activity we can track and deliver ROI makes us happy, and although not everything we do can be measured, we know that our creative ideas have helped businesses to gain more and more business subconsciously. If you use us for digital, we will provide analytics, reports and measurements to prove we are worth our weight in gold (and more).

Welcome to our brand new website! Thanks for taking the time to view our work. We are an established agency of over 12 years who have now decided to brand and launch a sister company to focus on digital marketing for our clients.

Welcome to our brand new website! Thanks for taking the time to view our work. We are an established agency of over 12 years who have now decided to brand and launch a sister company to focus on digital marketing for our clients.

Mooch Creative will still have the same team (with some new digital specialists) to ensure our clients enjoy the best of both worlds. We will provide a full range of digital services including;

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Our services will also be much more expansive but this will be our specialisms – DesignBP will still offer a range of creative, design and branding services for clients of all industries and sizes.

We look forward to working with our current clients even more, and to taking on new clients who are looking for a forward thinking agency with a personal touch and who ‘Think Big!’

All top creative has to start somewhere and more often that not, it all starts with a scrap, or a ‘fag packet’ idea to coin the old saying!

All top creative has to start somewhere and more often that not, it all starts with a scrap, or a ‘fag packet’ idea to coin the old saying!

Scamps, as they are more commonly known are the quick fire ideas that get the creative juices going and we thought we’d take the time to show you how the process works, it’s pretty fun and rewarding to….

Big things have happened over the past 12 months, after a tough few months we have risen like the proverbial phoenix and blasted through the busiest quarter to date.

Big things have happened over the past 12 months, after a tough few months we have risen like the proverbial phoenix and blasted through the busiest quarter to date.

We thought it only best to showcase our stunning new clients with a brand new and improved site and few new recruits to join us…..