How to Step-up your Instagram Pic Game

So, what makes a good Instagram?

Think of your Instagram profile as a mosaic full of small square shaped tiles. When people click on your profile they’ll see this “mosaic” rather than the individual photos. Your profile will look best if all of the photos fit together, flowing down your profile’s feed in a cohesive manner.

Ask yourself, what is the message my brand is trying to put across? Then think of this in terms of photos. If your brand message is lively and bold, choose bright and colourful photos. Your Instagram photos will need to evoke the correct message for your brand.

Invest time into preparing your photos ready for your feed

  • Do you need to buy some props or backdrops for flat lay photos?
  • Do you need to visit different locations that are “Instagrammable”? Here are a few cool locations in the UK to have a look at!

When taking the photographs, experiment with lighting, angles, and the overall composition of the photos. If you’re using an iPhone camera to take your pics, go to “settings”, then “camera” and turn on the “grid overlay” setting. Whenever you open the camera app a 9 square grid will show which will enable you to use the Rule of Thirds. When you’re taking the pics, take a moment to pause and evaluate the photos in your camera roll. Ask yourself, “What looks good”, “What don’t I like?”, “What should I change?” and “Are there any other angles I could try?”.

After you’ve finished shooting – you’ll probably end up with 100s of photos to choose from, you can then go through and delete/edit the relevant pics. It’s better to have options to choose from and put time into taking pictures, rather than taking one blurry, out of focus shot with poor lighting which will just make your insta lack any enthusiasm about your brand.

To edit your photos our team recommend the apps VSCO, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop Express.

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