Lights, Camera, Action: Introducing IGTV

It’s been an exciting week here at mooch with a new member Hannah, Marketing Executive, joining the team. Hannah has a keen interest in social media marketing and will be keeping a close eye on the latest features, trends and tips. Check out Hannah’s first blog here! 

What is it?

IGTV is a new feature which has been created by Instagram where users can upload longer, 10 minute or 1 hour videos instead of the normal 1 minute restriction. The length depends on your following, those with a larger amount of followers that have more influence are allowed 1 hour, whilst those with a smaller following are allowed 10 minutes. The videos are uploaded in a vertical 9:16 format and can be watched either via the dedicated IGTV app, the original Instagram App or on desktop through a unique link.

The dedicated app is easy to use. As soon as it is opened, videos start playing just as a TV would when it is first turned on. If you swipe up on the screen, more content can be discovered through 4 tabs: ‘For you’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular’, and ‘Continue Watching’. Additionally the videos can be liked, shared via direct message, and commented on.

How can it help your business?

IGTV is a unique way to engage with followers and customers and communicate your brand message. Using IGTV increases the chance of your message being received, as users are usually searching for a more in-depth viewing experience when using the feature. Videos can be used to introduce your organisation and team, as well as to create awareness of your brand and the products/ services you provide. Including a call to action by adding multiple links to the description of videos can help to drive traffic to your website.

IGTV can also be used by businesses to market their products through how-to videos, tutorials and product demonstrations. Using video to share product information and industry knowledge can increase engagement and establish credibility and thought leadership within your industry.    

Why not use this exciting new feature to interview employees in your organisation or provide answers to frequently asked questions? Behind the scenes video content is also a great way to communicate your brand personality and show your team working on a campaign, event, or project. Not only can you show off about the hard work your employees do, you can also build trust and relationships with audiences.

Does this feature interest you? Do you think this may help your business? Get in touch with us today via email [email protected] or call us on 01527 592738 to find out more.