Augmented Reality - App Development

The augmented reality is shaking up the technological world. This AR has enabled app developers and businesses globally to lay digital data over the top of real world objects. Augmented reality apps come in two distinct forms, location-based and marker-based.

These differ in a variety of ways:

  • Location-based augmented reality apps utilise the location positioning capabilities of our mobile phones and devices. These augmented reality apps provide contextual data upon the specific location of a device. This technology enables you to engage your customers with location sensitive information accessible right from their phone such as constellation patterns in the sky and street directions.
  • Marker based augmented reality apps operate by enabling the software to pinpoint patterns (trigger material) on a surface such as a brochure, business card, or outdoor digital media display. When these trigger points are used in conjunction with a device’s camera within an AR app, the user has the ability to view augmented reality digital data on top of the real-time, real-world setting.

Our app developers have deep understanding of the app development process, working alongside our augmented reality specialists seamlessly due to our unique agency culture and approach.

The team work enables us to have extensive knowledge which, when brought together in the creative environment we work in, generates a smooth development process.

Our augmented reality specialists and app developers here in the studio at Mooch, have experience with developing augmented reality apps for a variety of industries such as the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Download our guide to Augmented Reality!

Whether AR is completely new to you, or it’s at the heart of your current marketing strategy, our top tips guide is sure to give you an insight into what AR is, how it works, the benefits and how it can be used to bring your ideas to life.

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