Creative - Strategy

“What is a creative strategy?” we hear you ask! Whilst the creative thinkers in the agency focus on creating compelling design to communicate with an audience, strategists focus on how the creative will contribute towards wider business and marketing goals. Marry the two together, and you have a creative strategy. 

A creative strategy is formed by developing an in-depth understanding of the market and it's customers, as well as analysing data, information, facts and assumptions to identify patterns and develop an appropriate plan that underpins creative work and allows us to measure campaign effectiveness and results.

Here at mooch, we understand the importance of developing a marketing strategy that underpins our creative work and “Think BIG” philosophy. After all, what good is excellent creative if it’s not built on a solid marketing strategy and targeted towards the correct audience in a way that will resonate with them?

We always keep our finger on the pulse of our client's industries and pride ourselves on continuously researching to understand markets and audiences. This valuable consumer insight allows us to develop a highly effective strategy that meets wider marketing and business objectives.

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