Video - Editing

As part of the videography service we offer at Mooch, we include the post-production process of video editing. Our creativity allows videos to become high-impact, engaging visuals that attract customers.

We achieve the high-quality videos by stitching together various shots and scenes in order to fabricate a breath-taking video that makes your brand stand out from competitors. We use a full digital editing suite to bring the best shots together, creating a narrative that stands out and projects your brands message.

Video editing is the crucial part of creating a memorable video that gets businesses noticed. These videos can be used as:

  • Rich motion media organic social network posts.
  • Product installation, guidance and information videos across your website.
  • As sponsored PPC advertising across Google’s display network and social media.
  • High-quality television advertisement.
  • Outdoor digital media advertising artwork shown in various locations around the UK

We have edited a variety of different video adverts for a range of sectors which have proven to increase brand awareness and have been included within our bespoke marketing strategies.

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