Augmented Reality - Gamification

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into something that already exists such as an augmented reality app or website. This engages customers and viewers by influencing and encouraging competitiveness, participation and loyalty, taking the engagement of your customers to a new level.

How do you use gamification?

Here at Mooch, our designers and developers have the ability to amplify the effect of a foundation user experience and building it up by applying motivational techniques and game mechanics. These techniques motivate customers and employees, raising conversion rates and driving more sales, alongside increasing customer satisfaction, encouraging loyalty and giving customers motivation to return.

Gamification can be used in augmented reality apps to encourage users to return to the app and keep engaging with the software, building long-term engagement therefore driving customer loyalty. These apps allow businesses to create true customer and employee loyalty that lasts.

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