Branding - Positioning

Here at mooch, we know that it’s possible to influence how audiences perceive your brand using effective brand positioning. In simple terms, brand positioning refers to where your target audience perceives your brand within the market, and where it sits within the mind of your customers.

An effective brand positioning strategy will resonate with your target audience, clearly communicating your brand promise and how that differs to your competitors. Positioning is your customer’s perception of your business, and what they think of when they think of your brand.

Our services go much beyond developing a beautiful logo and catchy tagline for your business (although we’re great at that too!). At mooch, we delve much deeper, combining a unique brand positioning statement and strategy that underpins all of our creative work. We have a wealth of experience in supporting well-established businesses with repositioning strategies, adjusting how people perceive a brand in relation to its competitors.

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