Animation - Production

We’re experts at creating high-end motion visuals that clearly communicate your campaign effectively. We have worked with a number of clients and produced a range of successful animated videos. We love working with a wild assortment of different target audiences from engineering and manufacturing audiences to parenting and children. Our experience and knowledge in this highly creative and technical skill is extensive.

Our development of animations start with the first phase - storyboarding. We draw out the main scenes for later use. This allows us to refer back to this to ensure we stick to the plan. Next we model all of the environments, objects and if needed, the characters. We then apply textures and materials to the modelling.

The next phase is the shot phase where we pre-plan all camera movements. We do this by using vague animated solid objects to time everything perfectly. This ensures that each shot is timed perfectly.

Once we have done the animation is a rough way, we move forwards and proceed with the precise animation. This ensures that all object are animated smoothly and correctly. Lighting is then done and render is tested to check that it’s working perfectly. After this has been tested and everything looks precise. We make sure it’s perfectly timed with the right lighting, textures and movement, we then move forwards and do the final render. This completes the process and once finalised, the animation is ready to be released.

If you’re interested in animation, whether that’s 3D or 2D animation, we can help! Our expert motion graphic designers can ensure that your brand's message and objectives are clearly communicated throughout the animation. We will work with you to ensure that each step of the process is smooth and seamless.

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