Programmatic Marketing

Here at Mooch, we recognise that it’s never been harder to get noticed as a brand in a world full of devices, apps and social feeds it’s easy to get distracted.

At Mooch, as a marketing agency we look to cancel out the noise and help your brand standout from the crowd by capturing the perfect moment to market to your audience, when they are most likely to engage with your brand.

How you may ask? The answer is Programmatic marketing.

Programmatic explained:

As people we all have our own characteristics, personalities, likes and dislikes this is what makes us unique.  So why should we all be shown the same ads? We shouldn’t. Programmatic marketing serves you ads that are tailored to you and your online profile. We match the right advert to the right person, at the right time. When they are most likely to engage with a brand or company, this is true 1 to 1 marketing. The user is happy as they see ads that are relevant to them and the company is happy because their ad is being shown to the right target audience, creating a perfect marketing synergy.


How does Programmatic work:

  • We buy the advertising space using demand side platforms which are large pieces of software, they enable us to see users online.
  • We use algorithms and artificial intelligence within the platform to determine which users have a high propensity of engaging with our clients marketing campaigns. This ensures that we only serve ads to users who are matched to the advertising, reducing wastage.
  • All of the media buying is fully automated and autonomous running in real-time
  • We are able to retarget users from a company’s website and drive them back to the site, this could be to sign up to a service or buy a product. We analyse this data and find other users who are also likely to convert for the company, this is called prospecting and helps to generate new customers.
  • When we retarget users and prospect them we call this a full conversion model, giving your marketing campaign the best of both worlds.
  • We can buy video, display and rich media advertising space programmatically
  • We can use geofencing to base targeting of your ads to specific events or locations within certain coordinates and radius’


Ad Formats that can be served programmatically:

Cross Device marketing with programmatic:

  • As best practice we run all of our programmatic marketing campaigns across devices. Serving our clients ads on their target audiences’ smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

So what are the benefits for your business?

  • Reaching the relevant consumer at the right time, so you can say goodbye to wasted impressions on your campaign!
  • Increased ROI as you only pay for the consumers that may be interested in your campaign
  • Multichannel campaigns so your budget can be used dynamically across different platforms to deliver the best performance and results.


If your company is interested in discovering more about Programmatic marketing and how it can help your brand stand out from the crowd... contact our team at our programmatic marketing agency in Birmingham below!

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