CGI and 3D - Rendering

Our creativity here at Mooch enables us to generate 3D art that has a purpose.

This purpose is to engage and excite the audience. We can do this because we’re perfectionists and ensure that no single piece of work is completed half heartedly. 3D rendering needs such a high attention to detail and our team of designers have just that. An eye for design, making things polished and perfected which is what the art of 3D rendering needs.

3D rendering is almost everywhere you look

From TV ads to magazines and films you’ll be seeing it everywhere and most of the time you won’t even notice. This 3D digital artwork is created using flat geometric shapes connected together in 3D space. These geometric “polygons” are manipulated and created using specialist computer software. These shapes start off looking simplistic and basic but come to life, appearing more realistic. This occurs when the shapes are introduced to texture maps, artificial light sources and a variety of filters. These effects once added to the shapes end up as finished 3D render.

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