Animation - Scripting

Starting with an animation brief, we turn the key messages that need to be communicated into a simple story. By considering the target audience, the video objectives and the desired call-to-action, we create a script to ensure that animations and videos follow a purposeful narrative that effectively communicates the core message and emotionally connects with the audience.

Once we have a first draft of a script, we cut, cut and cut to make sure messaging is concise and the voiceover packs a punch. Reading the script out loud alongside the storyboard allows us to identify opportunities to make sentences shorter, more conversational and suited to the target audience’s tone of voice.

A voiceover is more than just words. Adding in music and sound effects to a script helps to tell a story and create a mood for each scene. At mooch, we know that the best animation scripts leave audiences ready to take immediate action, increasing engagement, conversion rates and return on investment for our clients.

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