Memoji – A fantastic showcase of consumer facing augmented reality

Everybody has heard of emojis, small faces displaying emotions, that can be used as part of messages to add extra flare or emphasis. In fact, we love them here at Mooch. However, they often lack that personal touch, this is something that Apple have picked up on and delivered a fantastic solution to as part of their IOS 12 update for their latest iPhone. This solution comes in the form of Memojis.



Memojis make use of the new Iphone X, XS and XR’s front facing 3D camera to generate your very own Memoji by simply looking at your phone. Memoijs bring a whole new angle to the already famous emoji and Animoji features available on previous iPhone products, allowing users to create completely personalised emoji to express themselves in a new and exciting way. Some of many of the uses of the Memoji features include; adding more character to your voice messages and completely personalising messages with your friends and family!

Memoji tracks your movements in real time using the front-facing 3d camera on the newest iPhone models to allow you to send videos and gifs of your Memoji mimicking the actions and sounds you make! This removes all the limitations we have when using emoji, because the Memoji can replicate any facial expression you can possibly make, ensuring that your choice of Memoji matches your conversation. Although Memoji is technically a cosmetic update, may people feel that it adds much needed personalism and expression to texting and instant messaging services.



In the modern world, personalisation and uniqueness is everything in a phone, and we feel that Memoji has allowed users to have pure and true personalisation over them. Memoji allows users to really connect to the feeling that it is their phone, rather than a phone, because they exist as an augmented reality character within the device.

Apple also allow users to create as many Memoji characters as you want, meaning that you can choose from a wide selection of your created alter egos, depending on your mood on a given day. You can even use your Memoji to facetime and video call other iPhone users at any time, meaning that you don’t even need to show your real face to let others know that you’re there!

Memoji shows off some of the very best modern augmented and virtual reality technology working in union with animation. The technology used within the Memoji could potentially have massive uses in other industries, such as film and gaming. At Mooch, we also use technology like that used in Memoji, instead using the expertise and knowledge that our teams have on these subjects to bring you the very best augmented and virtual reality, animation and creative design services on the market. We take a lot of inspiration from Memoji and work to implement many of the genius ideas and technologies behind this feature into our own services.



Overall, we feel that Memoji is a fantastic product that has revolutionised the way we text and interact with our phones overall. We are extremely excited to see how the technology used behind Memoji can be used in the future, and what Apple intend to do next with this amazing feature!

Here at Mooch HQ, the team were straight onto downloading the latest iOS 12 update and built a digital avatar for each person – take a look here and let us know what you think!

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