Predicted Design Trends for 2019

So what’s predicted for design world for 2019?

We’ve had a look, done a bit of research and found some design trends that have been predicted to increase in popularity throughout 2019. We did a survey around the office for Team Mooch’s favourite trends and you’ll see the results at the end of this blog post, keep reading…!

The development of 3D

3D is a massive part of the ever-growing design sector and this area is getting more and more realistic. Our in-house 3D & Motion Graphic Designer / Developer Paul is a pro at all things 3D and has created some marvellous pieces including Mooch’s very own Mooch Mobile, a highly detailed 3D mooch branded Jeep – we’re so proud of it we had it printed and hung it on the studio wall!

Functional, simple and reductionist logos we love!

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity these logos are minimal and basic but effective. They allow brands to evolve their personality throughout growth without having to change the logo – making great impact and brand recognition.

Bold Typography that makes a strong impact

Typography transitions through many phases from curly calligraphy with a more handwritten style to hard and strong fonts that create a real focal point for the viewer to focus on. This year it’s predicted that big, bold, and ballsy typography is going to make a massive hit amongst the design industry. We’ve noticed a large number of fashion brands such as YSL, Tom Ford and Missguided have used this style in their branding, websites and campaigns.

Isometric design

3D design in 2D? That’s definitely a thing and we’re loving, especially the idea of Isometric Typography. This super edgy design trend can be used for a variety of different applications including floor plans for buildings, games, as well as nifty graphics that can be used anywhere!

Duo-tones are making a comeback

This stunning trend incorporates wild personality and contrasts to add oomph to anything. The colours can make a real impact and allow brands to stand out from the crowd. They really do draw attention to a campaign and we’ve noticed Spotify are currently using duo-tone. We’re excited to see what colour combinations are messed with this year.

Responsive logos that are universal

The idea that different logos varying in detail represent the same brand has been around for year. However, with the rise in mobile browsing, the importance of responsiveness is rising. Brands require their website to be compatible both on desktop and mobile devices. Brands have developed and refreshed their logos into more simplified versions which develop and gradually get more and more basic. The new styled versions for some of the worlds biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Chanel are still immensely recognisable. We’re sure to see more and more brands transition to the responsive logo stage throughout 2019.

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So now for the results of the survey we ran at Mooch HQ. The top trend that the team love is responsive logos.

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