The Rise of Content Marketing

With traditional and interruptive marketing strategies continually hitting obstacles, and the increase of social media marketing, content marketing is becoming an increasingly powerful tool to attract an engaged audience.

The strategy is described as a technique that involves publishing valuable and relevant content with the aim of attracting, informing and engaging an audience, and giving them the information they need about your product or service to become a customer.

Despite having a similar goal to traditional marketing (to drive profitable action), content marketing is executed very differently. The strategy does not directly promote a product or service; instead it shares content closely relating to the industry to inform and educate audiences.

So, what are the benefits?

Build Trust
Content marketing is a great way to show off what your business knows about a particular subject within your industry. A customer’s confidence and trust in your product or service is naturally increased when you can clearly demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of their business challenges.

Search Engine Optimisation

When done correctly, content marketing can contribute to your SEO efforts by giving you more opportunities to rank for more search queries. Including key words in your articles, blog posts or case studies and producing consistent, high quality content gives Google more chances to put your content in front of those who are searching for it.

Drive Conversions

One of the greatest benefits of content marketing is that it can help to generate conversions. Research has shown that 60% of people are inspired to seek a product after reading content relating to it.

Nurture Relationships

A key benefit of content marketing is that it works on building relationships, instead of chasing sales. As well as acquiring new customers, the strategy can help to engage existing customers, building loyal relationships and giving them a reason to stick to your brand.

Increase Visibility

Content is very shareable. Whether your audience share a post on social media, or forward your email to a friend, content marketing is a great way to expand brand awareness, increase impressions and grow web traffic.

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