Augmented Reality

Bringing the virtual and real world together with a BANG!

If you’re looking for a marketing channel to really make you’re organisation stand out from the crowd, you may have just found it. Check out our dedicated AR site for a full run-down of everything AR.

For the tech-savvy of you, you’ll know that AR is going to be a huge trend this year.

So, what the hell is AR? Allow us to fill you in.

Simply put, AR offers a view of a real world environment, supplemented by computer generated inputs, such as video, animation or sound. It’s a weird mish mash of the real and virtual which allows us to create some pretty cool stuff which guarantees to get attention. You can find some of the great AR projects we’ve done previously here.

How does is all work?

We’ll be honest… it’s pretty clever stuff, but here goes our explanation. AR works by recognising ‘trigger material’ (which may be an image in print, physical objects or real world locations via GPS) through a smart device like a mobile phone or a tablet. By pointing a device at the trigger material, the user can see a representation of the real world, supplemented by whatever you want. This can be a company logo, a 3D model of a product or even a marketing video. These supplemented (or augmented) items can be interactive, meaning the viewer can engage with the content through their device. This opens up a world of marketing possibilities for adventurous organisations wanting to break the mould and try something new.

Completely FREE AR Guide

It’s all pretty cool stuff and we think this is where the future of digital marketing is heading. Interesting, right? If you’d like us to demo some of our agency projects for you simply drop us a mail here? Or you can connect with us through one of our social channels to find out a little more about what we’re up to in the studio at the moment.