Target your TV viewers with Sky AdSmart

We’re super-proud to announce our recent partnership with Sky Adsmart - a game-changing platform that will change the way brands utilise TV advertising. As an agency, one of our core promises is to always offer the very best creative solutions to our clients to make sure they achieve the best ‘bang for buck’ for their marketing budget.

That’s why we’ve been SO impressed with Sky Adsmart. Following a number of strategic training sessions with Sky, we can confidently say we’ve been blown away! As an agency that’s proud of it’s track record in creating fantastic video content for clients, we see a huge opportunity to break the long held myth as a channel which requires huge budgets, and help our clients get onto TV.


So, what is Sky AdSmart and how can it help your brand?

Sky AdSmart allows us to target your ads at a specific audience and only spend when they watch it! No matter the size of your company, you can afford to advertise on TV.

What Does Sky AdSmart do?

Sky AdSmart allows us to choose a specific audience to target towards, helping you to place your adverts in front of the right people, at the right time, while they’re watching their favourite TV programme. This means that we’ll be able to seamlessly catch the attention of viewers who will be interested in your products or services. This service makes TV advertising possible for any type of business, large or small.

How does it work?

Sky AdSmart allows us to select your audience based on highly refined factors such as location, age and affluence. It uses an algorithm based on these factors and the predicted genre of the programme they are likely to be watching. By doing this, we will reduce the cost of advertising and stop your ads being shown to unwanted audience groups, therefore leading to a higher return on income than other forms of TV advertising, a win win situation!

How much does media production and TV advertising cost?

The great thing about Sky AdSmart is you only pay out when the selected audience has watched over 75% of the ad. With this and a uniquely selected audience, Sky AdSmart allows smaller businesses to utilise TV advertising. Based on the average campaign running for 3 months, creative and film costs, you will see brand awareness instantly grow for just approx £20,000. 

With the help of an experienced creative agency like ourselves, you’ll be able to walk away from the stress and time it takes to plan a story board and find a video production team. In this modern day, time equals money so by handing the creative work over to us, you’ll be able to spend your time doing something more productive for your business. 

Our experts will create a captivating video for your ad connecting to your target audience through Sky AdSmart.

Why you should invest in Sky AdSmart today:

AdSmart is the latest advertising platform for growing your business. Share your story using AdSmart and you’ll instantly be recognised as a premium brand with maximum exposure.

Sky AdSmart allows us to spend your money more efficiently, giving you a better return on investment, getting more results for the same amount of budget spent. Why wouldn’t you want that!


Reach an audience of up to 30 million viewers

Impress an audience of up to 30 million. Sky AdSmart gives your business instant access to thousands of new customers across the country. We can show your ad to a targeted audience, whether that’s a household that own a dog, have 3 kids and are expecting a 4th with a low disposable income, or a middle aged male living alone in a home he’s recently purchased with a keen interest in new technology with a high disposable income. The ad can reach up to 30 million viewers so we’ll be able to make sure that only the right households are seeing your ad.

Reliable, Tried and Tested

Sky AdSmart is used by 75% of the UK’s biggest brands and continues to achieve outstanding results with a 70% return rate. Sky AdSmart works alongside RSMB to make sure you are provided with the highest level of accurate data. RSMB are market leaders in TV audit, design and operation. 

With a proven track record of working with a range of big brands including McDonalds, McLaren Automotive and Sainsbury’s Bank, Sky AdSmart has given these company’s products and services massive exposure. With help from our team of experienced BIG thinkers, you can trust us to get you the results you’re looking for. 

1000’s of data entries

Sky AdSmart targets audiences through thousands of different data entries, something we can be restricted to when using other similar services. From geo-tagging to household attributes, we can select your audience based on their location from a particular store, or the type of car they own. We can select an audience for your ad from a huge range of options.

We will help you to refine your audience and create audience profiles that will help you understand who you should be targeting your products and services towards. Seeking help from our team of designers, analysts, marketers and tech whizzes is all about partnership. We love working with our clients to make sure that their visions are aligned with our goals and we can get the results you’re looking for.

Call or message us to find out how we can help grow your brand with Sky AdSmart.

20% increase

in purchases directly from your ad

35% Enagement

with your brand

30 million people

to reach across the media network

More than just Geography

target areas near your business

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