5 Top Tips to Content Creation

We all know the benefits of content marketing (check out our blog here!), but we also know that the strategy is not always as easy as it seems. Creating up to date, relevant and engaging content that audiences actually search for and enjoy can be a huge challenge for marketers. We’re letting you in on our five top tips to content creation…

Stay Relevant and Research

Research is the core of all effective marketing content. Keeping up to date with the latest news and trends in your industry will allow you to write relevant and interesting content that will educate your audiences and show off your expertise in your field.

If readers visit your website, social media pages or blog and find that your content is inaccurate or out of date, this will negatively impact their perception of your business and expertise – no matter how good your products or services are.

Optimise for Search

Researching key words will tell you which topics your target audience find relevant and are searching for. Your findings will allow you to optimise content and improve search engine ranking and visibility to attract more traffic to your website, blog or social media.

Blogging is a great way to boost SEO quality, giving you an ideal opportunity to rank in search engines and drive traffic. Don’t forget, optimising your content for keywords is not about using the words as many times as possible. ‘Keyword stuffing’ will do your SEO ranking more harm than good!

Use a Call-to-Action

Without a call-to-action, content marketing is worth very little. Publishing useful information alone isn’t enough – you need to ensure that your readers take action that benefits your business.

Whether it’s submitting a contact form, visiting a landing page or following you on social media, your content should always leave audiences with a call-to-action that increases engagement and improves conversion rates.

Consider Your Audience

By understanding your audience’s motivation for reading your content and considering which stage in the buyer’s journey they are at, you can appropriately target them with content that is relevant and useful. For example, you may talk to your existing customers in a different way and with different information to potential and new customers – make sure you have something for everyone!

Analyse and Improve

Using tools like Google Analytics can help you identify which content types work better on which platforms, and what subject matters audiences respond well to. Think about what you want your content to achieve and figure out how you can measure these outcomes against your wider marketing objectives.

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