TV Shows and Mobile Apps – A Marketing Match Made in… The Jungle?

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The notorious show was back on our screens for the 18th series, and as with any TV show, the Mooch team kept a close eye on sponsorship, branding and marketing opportunities! The I’m a Celebrity app caught our eye this year and got us thinking about how apps are used alongside TV shows to promote the production, gather immediate viewer feedback and enhance viewing experiences.

The I’m a Celebrity App has astonishingly ranked #1 on the Appstore and Google Play for TV Show Apps, with over 400 million interactions. This app gives viewers of the well-known show the chance to vote for free and decide who they would like to see tackle the infamous bushtucker trials. People can also see more details about the celebrities and their backgrounds, as well as view the latest news and exclusive previews from around the campfire.

This app allows viewers to feel involved in the show, enhancing the viewing experience for fans using a separate digital platform. Extending TV shows to mobile devices is a great way to increase engagement and broadcast reach, as many people use mobile phones whilst sitting down to watch TV. Outside of show times, mobile apps like this one can be used to remind users of new episodes, voting deadlines and share unique behind the scenes content. 

On the I’m a Celebrity app, users can also play games, vote on polls, rate the celebrities and answer trivia questions, where users will rank on the app leaderboard, encouraging competitiveness amongst fans and retaining users attention for longer. There is also an e-commerce section within the I’m a Celebrity app where users can purchase merchandise, including branded mugs, bottles and personalisable t-shirts – another great marketing opportunity and a perfect time for Christmas present purchases!

With a £70,000 prize up for grabs and a chance to win a holiday to Australia, it’s clear to see why so many people popped onto the app store to get involved. The app also has take-over advertising features, which triggers ads during the advertisement breaks. Aside from being a fun way for fans of the jungle to get involved, the app extended the viewing experience for audiences so that they could use any time, anywhere.

Aside from in-app features, the I’m a Celebrity app’s sponsor ‘Tombola Arcade’ have also got their foot in the door, creating vibrant personalities for a group of jungle ‘critters’ (the #tombolabugs!), showing them using the celebrities contraband mobile phones to play their arcade games in a series of humorous adverts. Although the return on investment for this huge sponsorship deal is yet to be revealed, a partnership with one of the nation’s favourite TV shows is sure to deliver some excellent results.

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