Why Video Marketing Matters

So, Why Is Video Marketing So Important…

It is predicted that by 2019, 80% of online content will be video marketing meaning that consumers will spend even more time watching and engaging with video content. Video is quickly becoming the most effective way for businesses to reach their audiences who are continuously searching for informative and inspiring content.

Video marketing is an excellent way to build brand awareness, credibility and trust. By bringing your brand to life and telling stories through video, you can create a personality for your brand to build and nurture relationships with audiences.

Research has shown that 90% of customers report that videos help them to make purchase decisions, showing how video marketing can potentially increase sale conversions. What’s more, video provides sharable content on social media and video presence on websites and landing pages can also improve your SEO ranking.

In terms of content, options are endless. It’s worth considering at which point of the customer journey your target audience will be at and whether you should educate them with product or service information to inspire action to purchase, or whether you’re targeting existing customers who may benefit from tutorials, demonstrations and ‘How To’ videos. Other powerful video content could include event videos, case studies, Q&A’s, animations and virtual and augmented reality.

Keeping your eye on trends in video marketing will help you to plan effective content. For example, live video is a powerful new tool in the box, attracting audiences across a range of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Personalised and ephemeral video content such as Snapchat are also gaining momentum and finding their way into video marketing strategies.

Understanding the KPIs of your video campaign will allow you to measure your efforts against wider marketing objectives. Whether it’s increased web traffic, engagement, conversions or social shares, there are a range of metrics that can help you to perfect your video marketing strategy.

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