Creative Design Case Study – ABB Adaptaflex

The Full Package for Adaptaflex...

ABB is an international leader in power and automation technology, developing innovative digital industrial apparatus and systems. Adaptaflex, an antimicrobial conduit system, is one of their products designed for use in production in the food and beverage industry.

The Challenge

Due to our success with previous campaigns, ABB asked us to design creative packaging to showcase their products in time for the official Adaptaflex launch.

 ABB needed high quality, clean packaging to present their cutting edge product range in. These were to be given out to potential customers encouraging them to purchase the range.

 The brief was for the design and concept to be based around the Japanese bento lunch box, which traditionally has multiple layers and compartments. They were to carry samples of the product, a brochure designed especially for the launch, and some high-end tea and biscuits (as it is a product for the food and beverage industry).

The Solution

Our approach was to create a minimalistic, pure white box, following ABB’s brand guidelines. We wanted the package to feel more like a gift than just an everyday sample box that you’d simply throw away.

 We used super high quality materials with soft touch laminate to enhance the luxury element of the package. The idea was also to reflect the cleanliness of the product due to it’s antimicrobial properties, with the pure white and blue colour scheme. This theme also matched the colour of the products themselves.

 The black foam inserts provided a stark contrast to the outer box, with sections cut out to hold the various items, emulating the Japanese bento lunch box style. As you’d open and explore the box, there were greetings, call-to-actions and more information on the products in the form of a brochure.

 We designed the brochure, and an interactive digital version to complement it. We also produced informative animations in-house to accompany the text and to help explain how the products work.

 To finish it all off, we created a promotional video for the boxes (also filmed and edited in-house). We incorporated animation into the video to highlight the properties of the products, and kept it clean and bright to symbolise the fresh approach and innovation of the range.

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