BVT Annual Review

Growing successful communities for Birmingham’s best know housing association

Creative Design Case Study – Bournville Village Trust

Bournville Village Trust, how does your garden grow?

They needed a partner to reengage the 8,500 Bournville Residents with a unique scope that revamped their current mundane report. We re-energised the look and feel of Bournville Village Trust, through vibrant design and an innovative concept…

The concept combined the glorious Bournville greenery with the close-knit residency:
‘Growing successful communities’.

How did we make the annual review blossom? Well we’ll tell you, we made the report grow in name and in nature, clever ay? This report had seeded paper which could be planted to grow in to beautiful flowers.

Combine that with our stunning tilt-shift photography, taken by our very own in-house professionals, and our bold, solid graphic design… and you have one blooming good publication.

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