Haybridge High School & Sixth Form

A long-standing relationship in the education sector.

Haybridge High School has a strong relationship with our team, having worked together for many years we have now established ourselves as the go-to agency for creative work of all kinds. Haybridge High is a highly sought-after school and sixth form which is widely recognised as one of the top schools in the local area and has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED.

There’s a number of reasons why prestigious establishments such as Haybridge work with us for a long period of time, and that’s not least because they know the high quality of work we produce time and time again. An annual piece of work we carry of for Haybridge is the school Prospectuses, both for the lower and upper schools.

Each year we bring fresh content and ideas to the table, ensuring that each intake gets the latest information in a professional way to suit the schools brand image and reputation. This is not a task we take lightly, and whilst we know that the content that Haybridge publishes each year changes, the identity always stays the same – we manage this entire process to make it simple for the staff.

Along with the production of the prospectuses, we are the undertake a range of photography for Haybridge and our highly skilled photographers can often be found shooting around the school for use across various publications and formats. Our team knows what a key role good photography pays across all formats and they know exactly how to exploit it once back in the studio with their slick editing and retouching skills. Mix this with our expert team of in house designers and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for success.

We look forward to many more years of working together with Haybridge on a number of projects.

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