IGO Post Ring Box Campaign

Saying ‘I do’ to IGO!...

IGO POST is the market leader for promotional branded products, based in the Netherlands and operating in 14 countries.

The Challenge

After the success of our previous campaigns for IGO, we started brainstorming all over again. Our aim was to come up with even more ways to increase brand awareness across the target market and to encourage first time purchases from new customers.

Through our market research, we identified that direct mail would be a suitable fit with IGOs business model. It’s an effective way of getting consumers’ attention while still being a relevant marketing method for a promotional product manufacturer.

Good direct mail is memorable, something that is kept by the recipient and evokes an action.

The Solution

Our creative team got together to come up with an idea that was an extension of our existing successful marketing proposition. To tie in with the ‘IGO promise’, we raised the connotations of being honest, faithful and transparent.

We believed the IGO promise could be symbolised with a proposal – and not the business kind! We designed a ring box with the space for a ring… the plot twist being that when you take the ring out, the recipient discovers that it is actually an ‘IGO guy’ key ring.

We believed this piece of direct mail was friendly and fun, and an effective, interruptive way to introduce new customers to the IGO Post brand. We integrated this with an exclusive 20% discount offer to increase the rate of purchase intention.

The Results


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