IGO Post

Creative Design Case Study

Promises, Promotion and Presence for IGO Post...

IGO POST is the market leader for promotional branded products, based in the Netherlands. Previously, IGO had used a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it came to international campaigns.

The Challenge

IGO came to mooch seeking our marketing, branding and creative expertise for adapting their campaigns to suit the UK and ROI market more effectively.

 We got our heads together and identified that within the promotional product industry, pricing is generally unclear and misleading – often with nasty additional costs at the checkout.

 IGO’s written communication struggled to engage English readers and the language lacked warmth. Additionally, there were no conspicuous USPs or marketing communication promoting customer benefits.

 The brand also lacked a strong identity, which made it less memorable to consumers. We thought it needed to be injected with some personality. Our focus group sessions confirmed this and gave us a stronger indication on how we should adapt the marketing communication to suit UK customers. A key finding was that a touch of humour and story telling would improve brand recall.

The Solution

Our proposition was focused on engaging UK customers through story telling and developing a friendlier tone of voice.

 As the first stage of a long-term rebranding strategy, we established a new and improved tagline of ‘it’s got your name on it’ that, we found, resonates with the UK and ROI market much more than the previous ‘the experience of giving!’ slogan.

 To tackle the lack of USPs and customer benefits, we developed a brand new IGO Promise pricing proposition: ‘The price you see is the price you pay’. The idea was to eradicate the fear of hidden costs and promote a stress-free customer experience. In turn, this trust-building strategy helped to improve UK customer loyalty.

 We complimented the IGO promise with the IGO Guys; bringing IGO’s products to life as characters that we created to improve the friendliness of the communication. Bold artwork depicting the IGO Guys in different scenarios delivered a story telling dimension. We used a hint of humour in these to connect with the UK market, and these were used across multiple platforms including promotional emails and landing pages.

The Results

As big thinkers, we have big plans for IGO POST in the pipeline – in the meantime, we’ll keep you (IGO)posted.

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