Lea Marston & The Abbey Hotels

Check in and Check out Lea Marston and The Abbey Hotels

We always discover a warm welcome from one of our most frequent and sizeable clients: Lea Marston and The Abbey Hotel. We started from the top with these guys and formulated their brand and ethos before fully developing a sizeable chunk of their marketing approaches.

The hotels needed to update their tiered and un-reflective brand to one that communicated their traditionally family-run heritage and affectionate approach. We discovered that these 4 star hotels offer more than just a rooms, spa and golf facilities, they offer a stunning personable service which allows guests to be part of a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. 

So what did we do? We developed a brand an ethos to reflect this outstanding service.

The proposition ‘discover a warm welcome’ summarises the hotels beautifully and helps to shape their new identity. The logos are an evolution of the existing brand. By keeping the initial emblem, we maintained the brand connection but introduced the personal relationship and warm palette.

We also introduced warm watercolour assets and rich personal photography to really bring home the new ethos.

It’s not just the the brand we took care of. We re-energised the hotels complete entity by developing everything from their signage and publications to advertising and website and this is just the beginning.


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