Markilux Direct Mail Campaign

Don’t Walk over Your Unused Space... Profit from It...

markilux is a german based manufacturer of outdoor shading systems and associated products. They are working on a variety of projects to target the commercial market in the UK with this being one of them.

 The Challenge

markilux have been looking to generate new commercial leads and were stuck with how they could change up their approach in finding new clients.

We knew this task would require a wide range of skill sets and thinking outside of the box, which we are used to doing all the time here at Mooch. We focused on the idea of highlighting to business owners how much their outdoor space is worth.

 We wanted to show business owners that they could transform their outdoor space with a markilux shading system; and by doing this, it wouldn’t just benefit their customers, but also their business.

Check out the markilux direct mail campaign in action!

The Solution

We created a profitable space planner for markilux which folds out into a square that is 1m2. Using a special algorithm that we created, we calculated that 1m2 of extra space is worth approximately £4,000 a year to a business.

The profitable space planner can be used by business owners to help them work out how much their outdoor space is worth a year, and to show how they can increase their business’ income by covering more customers all year round with a markilux shading system.

The Results

To kick off markilux’s busy period we sent 100 profitable space planners out to new prospects last month.

Out of these, 9% of recipients turned into new commercial leads for markilux.  After last months success we have sent out even more this month, and with summer coming up we expect to generate more leads for markilux over the next few months.

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