Guten Tag Markilux!

Markilux are a German based manufacturer and supplier of Awnings and associated products. A very predominant player in this market across Europe, Markilux approached us to help them to expand their presence in the UK market.

We knew such a task would require a wide range of skill sets, that as an integrated agency we naturally have in house. We started by outlining the key message that Markilux wanted to send to the UK market, both commercially and residentially. It was decided that the phrase ‘awnings’ was not suited, and so together we moved this to ‘outdoor shading systems’ which was more suited to the UK market, who were not as exposed to this type of product.

The theme for the work we did was continental, where Markilux had plenty of experience we could draw from and portray this image into the UK market. We wanted to show customers how they could transform a space with a product from Markilux, and so we decided to create a direct mail slider as part of the campaign. This would show first-hand just how much a space could be transformed with a product from Markilux.

We also re-developed the Markilux website in order to portray the messages that would suit the UK market. We decided to create a very interactive and visually pleasing website that was simple in its navigation and very informative. The new website was received very well, with a sharp increase in traffic due to great SEO and also much longer visitor times due to the nature of the website redevelopment. We also saw a great decrease in bounce rates which was due to the easy navigation of the website allowing users to quickly get to where they want.

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