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Creative Design Case Study –  South and City College Birmingham

Apprenticeships don’t have to be a mystery.

South and City College were looking to provide 7,000 apprenticeships across the West Midlands in one year, and to achieve this they estimated that they had to engage with around 60,000 people across the region.

When approaching a project like this, we know it’s was important to conduct extensive market research to give us a strong understanding of the target audience. Even more important to us was to implement and use the findings from our research in our work to achieve the best results and ROI possible. Our research uncovered that a great deal of employers have a general lack of knowledge and understanding about apprenticeships, and we decided we wanted to uncover the mystery so that more employers across the West Midlands would want to have an apprentice.

Experience told us that this project would be need a multi-channel, integrated approach to enable us to reach the required audience size we had been briefed on. We also knew that using an integrated approach would mean we could share our story across a range of channels re-emphasising our message and thus making it have a greater impact on SME’s and larger businesses across the Midlands. We chose to move forward with direct mail, digital marketing, social media, out advertising and PR – this would prove to be a winning mix.

The message needed to be clear and concise for employers and demonstrate exactly how apprentices could benefit their business. Our theme was built around uncovering the mystery and we played on this throughout all of our work. This theme also fitted in nicely with topical issues of todays society and linked in well with the famous ‘James Bond’ films and the X-Files TV programme.

So, did we manage to solve the mystery?

We’re creative thinkers, not detectives – but we still managed to uncover the mystery for employers and generate a large number online enquiries for more information via our unique online microsite which captured data for the South and City apprentice team. Mystery solved!

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