Solus Ceramics Christmas Campaign

Digital Marketing Case Study

Piecing together the perfect Christmas campaign for Solus...

Solus Ceramics is a high-end ceramics and tile manufacturer based in the West Midlands. We previously designed and developed a contemporary, sophisticated website to suit their luxury brand. Check it out here

The Challenge

Solus approached the mooch team once again to come up with some creative concepts for a Christmas campaign that would reach out to potential new customers and promote their luxury products. Delivering us such an open brief enabled us to work our creative magic and give them a solution that would not only prove to be extremely engaging, but also raise brand awareness throughout target markets.

 Our plan was to design an engaging multi-channeled micro-campaign, using a mix of social media, web landing pages, email and a great prize giveaway incentive. The campaign needed to generate customer engagement whilst wishing potential customers a Merry Christmas. Our experience has taught us that to engage with audiences on any scale you must give them something which will keep them on a page, and to do this we decided to create a Christmas themed game that would be a bit of fun and also fit in with Solus as a high-end ceramic tile brand.

The Solution

We designed and implemented an entertaining branded tile picture puzzle competition, whereby users had to reorganise a tiled image into the correct order to form a fun Christmas message. Once completed, we incorporated a call to action encouraging users to sign up for a chance to win a (very fitting) prize giveaway of a TILE Bluetooth tracker; a brilliant device that allows you to locate missing items such as phones, keys or luggage, making it easy to find your personal belongings.

Solus Ceramics Christmas Puzzle Game

Along with this, we designed all other elements of the campaign; including a variety of social media ads for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – as well as promotional emails leading users to the new landing page we had created for the game. An integrated multi-channel approach like this resulted in a high level of engagement from the campaign and allowed us to penetrate the market Solus was targeting. We also generated the social media content to complement our creative artwork, leaving Solus fully equipped with marketing that was bound for success.

The Results

The campaign was the perfect fit for our client with over 180 sign ups in the short run up to Christmas, giving them the opportunity for data capture, client engagement and great exposure via social media. The social media ads also received higher than usual levels of engagement across the networks, which resulted in more traffic to the main Solus website too.

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