Solus Ceramics

Website Design Case Study – Solus Ceramics

High quality products deserve a high quality website.

Solus Ceramics is a high-end ceramics and tile manufacturer based in the West Midlands. They approached us to help them design and build a fresh website which would help to visualise the true beauty of the products they sell.

Website development is a not a ‘one size fits all’ activity here at Mooch, we carefully craft our designs and themes to one that suits the client and their industry perfectly.  We do this by immersing ourselves within the business and researching every aspect of what they offer, this way we can understand the needs of each market segmentation and build a website that fits within that specification.

The build – we decided to build the website based on a ‘tile and brickwork’ theme, this fitted in perfectly with the client whilst also allowing users to quickly visualise the products on a full width website. We wanted the website to be extremely visual and this was achieved using over-sized photography complimented with minimal text.

We also decided to integrate a ‘tile finder’ widget, this was developed in house by our team and allows the user to easily find any tile they want using a simple search with a number of specific fields. This was important to make the User Path on the website simple and effective, as we know that everyone wants to get to their destination as quickly as possible when browsing online.

The great backend and content management system behind the website means that the team at Solus can easily edit and manage the content of the website, with each section being connected to a database and constantly pulling data such as images, specifications and prices through ensuring the website is always up to date.

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