Mooch are now motorsport sponsors!

After having the pleasure of creating Tom Rawling’s branding and website for his racing. You can take a look at what we did for Tom here, we’re proud to now say we’re official sponsors of him and his motorsport racing career.

Tom Rawlings is a 17-year-old British Racing driver, who has competed in both karting and single seat racing events since 2011.

So what does a 3D & Motion Graphic Designer do at Mooch?

This week we managed to catch Paul our 3D & Motion Graphic Designer for a catch-up and chat about his job role. He gave us an insight into what he does and why he loves working at Mooch, so here goes…

So… what does a usual day consist of for you?

It completely depends on what stage a project is at,

Here are 10 tips we’ve put together that you should think about if you’re creating a website.

The idea of creating a whole new website can be daunting. Understanding what factors will influence whether users will want to get in touch with you, place an order or come back for more is hard.

However, hopefully with these tips you can get to grips with the different components that may affect wether your site is user friendly,

New Year Marketing Campaigns We’ve Noticed

“New Year, New You!” Heard that phrase enough this January? That’s all because brands absolutely love it and have used it continuously in their campaigns since the clocks turned 12 on the 1st of January. But have you kick started the year with a brand new, shiny gym pass, a fresh stash of gym clothes and a shed load of healthy eating recipe books?

Gyms, leisure centres and weight loss programme providers definitely capitalise on the “New Year,

Have you ever wondered what an account manager does?

This week we had a chat over a coffee with our Account Manager Molly who gave us an insight into her job role and what working at mooch is like. This is what she said…

So… what does a usual day consist of for you?

Every day starts with attending the daily studio meeting to schedule in new work and discuss projects with the team.

The Dream Destination Finder

Our app developers here at Mooch have always got their eye on new apps, trends and concepts. Have you heard about the cool app EasyJet have developed? You simply upload your screenshot of the photo you found online. The app will then tell you where it is and offer you a selection of flights that will get you there.

This unique concept is similar to some e-commerce apps such as ASOS.

So what’s predicted for design world for 2019?

We’ve had a look, done a bit of research and found some design trends that have been predicted to increase in popularity throughout 2019. We did a survey around the office for Team Mooch’s favourite trends and you’ll see the results at the end of this blog post, keep reading…!

The development of 3D

 3D is a massive part of the ever-growing design sector and this area is getting more and more realistic.

So…the office is decorated, secret Santa has visited and there are presents under the tree, our bellies are full of chocolate, the pub is calling and our party is planned. Christmas has hit Mooch HQ hard and we’re not complaining about it! We’re closing for Christmas and will all be out of office from the 21st of December to the 3rd of January. Hoooooooray! BUT Keep an eye out on our socials for some juicy pics of the Mooch Christmas Party!
I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The notorious show was back on our screens for the 18th series, and as with any TV show, the Mooch team kept a close eye on sponsorship, branding and marketing opportunities! The I’m a Celebrity app caught our eye this year and got us thinking about how apps are used alongside TV shows to promote the production, gather immediate viewer feedback and enhance viewing experiences.

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