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Top 3 Fitness Marketing Campaigns

New year, new fitness regime? A lot of us start the year with a resolution to eat healthier and exercise more. You may notice your local gym starts advertising more and offers a discounted rate. January is the best time to create a powerful fitness marketing campaign and increase sales in the fitness industry. 

We have given you a taste of what sort of fitness marketing campaign you can implement to grow sales.

Whilst interactive elements within web and app development are commonly used to grab the users attention and interrupt scrolling, many marketers are yet to explore the opportunities that interactive email content can offer.

Although interactive content is a growing trend in email marketing, it seems that only big-name brands have seized the opportunity to create interactive and engaging experiences within their subscriber’s inbox.

Almost half of marketers have reported that interactivity within email marketing isn’t yet on their radar,

With the New Year fast approaching, we are pleased to announce that we have won not one, not two, but FOUR new major clients to add to our excellent portfolio.

Here’s a little sneak peak into the clients we will be working with in 2020:

We are delighted to be working with Compusoft Group, one of Europe’s leading providers of kitchen and bathroom design software, helping retailers and installers to bring customer’s interior dreams into a reality.

1. Theme

For some it’s following a colour palette, a focus on pastel colours. For others, it’s a seasonal theme with reds, oranges and warm-toned colours in the autumn, and reds and greens around Christmas. A visually pleasing Instagram feed will gain instant followers and likes. Here at Mooch, we ALWAYS make sure your brand stands out. We take our favourite picks of your branding colour and incorporate them into your feed to make it pop.

Recently our directors Mark and Dan attended an IPA evening event help in Mama Roux’s in Digbeth Dining Club. Guest speaker Will Goodhand, Head of Advertising Research at System1 talked about “Crisis in Creativity” looking at how advertising has lost the power to persuade and entertain and how we can get it back. He discussed how this has been lost and showed how a shift in thinking styles is undermining creativity and making advertising less effective.

Contrary to common perceptions, the manufacturing sector in the UK is thriving, making up 44% of total exports and employing around 2.6 million people. The manufacturing marketplace is a highly saturated and competitive sector and therefore, effective B2B branding plays an important part in cutting through industry noise.

Why is branding critical for B2B organisations?

Many marketers believe that branding and creativity is a nice-to-have luxury for B2C markets. However, just like B2C customers,

facebook global pages

Facebook Global Pages

What are Facebook “global” pages?

Facebook global pages represent a brand’s multiple locations around the world as a single page instead of previously having multiple pages for each country.

This feature has been created to simplify the social media presence of global brands on Facebook. It makes it easier for brands to measure analytics more easily.


Why is this global page feature making social media easier for many brands?

It’s now officially a month until Black Friday! Most B2B companies, especially in the engineering and manufacturing sector think that Black Friday is solely a B2C event, this is where they’re wrong. Make sure to get your marketing hats on and create a campaign for this BIG day. Being a prime event for B2C companies, businesses to businesses companies shouldn’t miss out either.

Often companies in the engineering and manufacturing industry fail to get involved,

Struggling for marketing ideas for your engineering or manufacturing company as the year comes to an end?

With spooky season in full swing we thought we’d put some marketing tricks and insightful treats to help you drive sales over this dark and gloomy period.

Trick – Develop audience profiles

Understanding your audience is one of the most important ways to target your campaigns effectively. Drill down into who your audience is,

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