CGI and 3D - Modelling

Our 3D services here at Mooch include 3D modelling where our designers will produce a 3D digital imitation of any object or surface. This is done using software to manipulate points in virtual space called vertices that come together to form a mesh creating the desired object. Once created our experienced designers can develop the object to become fully animated and bring it to life.

3D models are eye-catching graphics that can be used within a diverse range of creative marketing materials such as dynamic outdoor media advertising content and video. 3D modelling can bring your products to life and allow your audience to dive deeper allowing them to become encapsulated in your brand.

These 3D models can be used for an extensive variety of sectors and industries such as engineering and manufacturing, education, property and health and dental and are used for a variety of mediums including movies, architecture, video gaming and illustration.

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